March 27, 2023

Individually, there is a racist in each and every one of us, but contrary to what the blacks of America would like us to believe, skin color particularly has nothing to do with it.
For example, here back home, particularly in the Cordillera, my kind, the Ibaloy ethnic group, are being ridiculed not because of their thick lips and pudgy nose, but more due to their happy-go-lucky lifestyle – eating well, sleeping a lot, and drinking more – albeit unable to hold both appetite and liquor.
He also loves the nightlife as much as he loves cockfighting, with card games in between derbies and pintakasis.
On the other hand, those laughing behind their backs are likewise despised, for wanting to live their dreams while stepping on the toes of others, bordering on greed and ambition.

Or take the Tagalogs, to them Ilocanos should be made outcasts of society, not because of their dark complexion, but because they seldom, if at all, dip into their pockets while joining others in an eating or drinking spree, looking the other way when it is time to pay up.
And what about the Visayans, who are fair of skin, particularly those descended from the Spaniards or Americans.
Do they feel like mestiso supremists as against those born in Olongapo, whose moms were “hanggang pier” when their Negro dads head back home to their families.
And although Torogis find Visayan women charming and beautiful, their funny accent has the natives in stitches, but Visayan guys speak good English as well as the Ibaloys, but speaking in Tagalog ties up their tongue in knots.
They admire Manny Pacquiao for his boxing success, and envy his billions, but nudge each other and suppress smiles when the Pacman tries to orate like a senator that he shouldn’t be.
Do we discriminate against the Aetas because their skin is charcoal?
We do not, but we wonder if a Nora Aunor is of their tribe.
Wasn’t it a black American soldier who shot an Aeta boy who wandered off to Clark Airbase grounds?

“White silence is black death,” so proclaimed the colored of the great United States.
But why is there a need to speak out for them? They seem to be doing okay on their own.
Marching down the streets in large numbers raising clenched fists; going down on one knee while the National Anthem is being played; refusing to don uniforms during a crucial NBA game, and decisively claiming that “white men can’t jump.”
In sum, it is what they do that outrages others, not their pigmentation.
Color is just an excuse for them.
In one episode of a Netflix flick which I often watch as a self-quarantined senior citizen, the plot centered around a big pharmaceutical company who tested a virus on poor folk that they were holding captive. Once found effective, they then came up with a vaccine that would cure those infected with the virus.
The power is not in the virus, one of their med scientist brags, it is in the vaccine.
Could it be that the Chinese had the same destructive thought?
In the province of Wuhan, where the Covid-19 is said to have originated, people were dropping like flies due to the virus, but today, Wuhan is said to be virus-free with people walking the streets sans masks or physical distancing.
First infect the world, then come up with the cure.
It is not beneath the Chinese to do something like that. World dominance is what it is all about.
Meanwhile, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden are shouting invectives at each other.
We have likewise infected the U.S. with our politics.

Alan Peter Cayetano, as always, has gone back on his word. He is resorting to all kinds of tactics and maneuvering to keep his seat as Speaker of the House.
He is a master politician. Earlier, when the fight as to who would be the next Speaker of the House after Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, three names came up – Cayetano, Velasco, Romualdez.
When Cayetano sensed he was running a poor third to Velasco and Romualdez, he sought the help of his friend and benefactor President Rodrigo, who then brokered a deal that Cayetano would be Speaker for 15 months, and Velasco for 21 months or until the elections in 2022. Romualdez agreed to be majority floor leader.
That was supposed to be a gentleman’s agreement.
And now Cayetano wants to go back on as Speaker.
He pretentiously offered to resign, but his appointees whom he wooed for 15 months, would have none of it.
Frankly, the issue is whether or not Cayetano has the numbers, or that his colleagues would rather have him as Speaker and not Velasco, the issue is in three words, “Palabra de honor.” But Cayetano would have none of that either.
Let Cayetano have his victory. His victory will be his waterloo later.
But if he will abide by his word, he could go on to better things otherwise, the Speakership will be the last national position he will hold.
Matalino man ang unggoy, unggoy pa rin!
What, only 200 tourists will be allowed to visit Baguio at a given time?
I tell you, with all the requirements that they need to undergo, expect less than that number to come over.
Meanwhile, malapit na ang Pasko. Make things a little easier so tourists from all over will be here from Dec. 26 to 31 – not just 200, but thousands.
Happy holidays!

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