July 18, 2024

(Editors’ note: The Midland Courier is reprinting the columns of the late Atty. Benedicto T. Carantes as a tribute to one of its long-time columnists. This piece was published on June 8, 2004).

In my growing up years, like all the other kids at the time, and would rush to the window upon hearing the rain falling on the roof, later asking permission from my mom to go out and play in the rain.
Because it was summer, and the rains were a welcome relief from the dry days, and was allowed to frolic outdoors in all my naked uncircumcised glory.

The rains were gentler in those days, and seldom overstayed their welcome, like Typhoon Ondoy and Beinte Nueve de Mayo did, flooding streets and ruining crops. Nor were the typhoons as fierce and cruel like Typhoon Yolanda was.

Believe it or not, Baguio got flooded when the waters of Burnham Lake spilled over Harrison Road all the way to Malcolm Square, high enough to drown one Dangwa bus that had bogged down near the football grounds.

Today over the church is praying for rain to fill our receding dams, and for a while I thought that without a pig being butchered for offering, the prayers won’t work.
But here in Manila, even with the morning rains, the weather is still sweltering. I suppose it is the reason why Manila women still go about wearing short shorts (vagina shorts, they are called) and slip-ons. Like summer were still starting and not coming to an end.

Old man that I am, I can’t help but notice that a lot of moms are sexier than their daughter – outfit were anyway – while the young moms bring their kids to school or to the mall wearing skimpy attire. Maybe both fashion and weather have something to do with it, or maybe the women are just being women, teasing the men.
And how the DOMs love to parade their young playthings, only too happy to be seen on the company of older men, no doubt moneyed.

On June 12, the country will celebrate its 116th Independence Day, founded as a republic in Kawit, Cavite, by self-proclaimed President Emilio Aguinaldo, who race to the rank of general in the same manner, publicly cooked up by less than think tank Apolinario Mabini, a paralytic who was anything but sublime, if I were to believe Prof. Cesar Majul, University of the Philippines professor and historian, who also once said that Andres Bonifacio should be our national hero.

We may be independent, but free we are not, shackled as we are to the economics of the Chinese and other foreigners, and to the abuses and thievery of our political leaders, with liberty and equality no longer our guiding light.
Only the rich, anyway, enjoy freedom, ever thriving, while the rest of the country finds themselves imprisoned in poverty and hardship. By the way, making the winning shot or goal, or winning a boxing title, does not a hero make. They are just heroics.
A hero is one willing to give up his life for God, country, and motherhood. And villainy is pretending to be honorable when he is in fact a thief and a crook. On the other hand, adulterous relationships have no place in government, and one clan all in government certainly leaves a bad taste in the month.
Was it a Marcos who said, the militants of yesterday are the tyrants of today?

The Drunk Driving Law only provides for one more opportunity for corrupt law enforces to add to their ill gotten income. As in the case of the Dangerous Drugs Law that has given more teeth to it by increasing the penalty and making certain drug offenses non-bailable, how easy it would be for corrupt drug enforces to threaten a suspect with the law itself to make him come across.
It is the same thing with the Drunk Driving Law. How many private cars will be flogged down on a Friday or Saturday night, drinking nights both?
Sure, there are legal requirements to be followed, but why go through the process when a P500 bribe will get rid of the trouble.
Anyway, happy Freedom Day!