October 2, 2023

The city council directed the City Engineering Office to study the feasibility of installing a raised pedestrian cross walk along Quirino Highway in front of Saint Louis School Center.
Councilor Mylen Yaranon, proponent of the resolution, said that Quirino Highway (formerly Naguilian Road) is one of the busiest roads in the city, especially during rush hours.
Yaranon said although there is a pedestrian lane in front of the school, the safety of churchgoers of Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish, the community, and pedestrians would be better met and ensured with the installation of a raised pedestrian crosswalk in the area.
A raised pedestrian crosswalk is a ramped speed table spanning the entire width of the roadway, often placed at midblock crossing location.
The crosswalk is demarcated with paint and/or special paving materials. The crosswalk acts as traffic-calming measure.
Yaranon said raised pedestrian crosswalks reduce vehicle speed and enhance the safety of pedestrians crossing.
Elevated crossings make pedestrians more visible to motorists, allowing the former to cross at a grade with sidewalk.
Yaranon added the installation of a raised pedestrian crosswalk in front of Saint Louis School Center will enhance safety of pedestrians in the area and can serve as a template for installing elevated pedestrian cross walks in front of other schools in the city. – Paul Dean Pila