July 19, 2024

You might have assumed that the slogan, “You only live once,” or YOLO that many youths adopted, is an initiative by the young adults to make the best out of their time. But they actually use it as an excuse to waste their lives partying, taking drugs, and overindulging in unwholesome activities. Such worry-free approach to life embraced by many young adults failed to recognize the value of time.
Unfortunately, most of us do not value the time we’ve been given. We spend an entire weekend scrolling random feeds on Facebook and Instagram and commenting on them. We are also prone to wasting time with friends for hours on end, endlessly surfing the Internet, binge-watching series on television, and so on.
Sometimes, our concept of time is skewed to the wrong side. We assume there is plenty of it and just procrastinate through it, just like how most students do academic homework. We do nothing for the most part of it and as the deadline approaches, we are knocked out of our hinges trying to beat them.
Understanding the value of time is understanding the true essence of life. Benjamin Franklin said it well: “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.”
A positive approach to life would be to prioritize the things you value most. We can spend time with the people we love. If you lost someone close to you, then you realize that life is short.
Since YOLO implies that you only have one life to live, you should spend every moment wisely. There’s no better way to invest time than in building something good. Rather than recklessly pursuing fun while throwing long-term consequences to the wind, direct time towards good endeavors that will help you and others. Don’t get involved in activities that will ruin your life such as drinking and taking drugs. Avoid engaging in things that will make you depleted. There is so much that we need to accomplish and so much that we need to achieve that wasting time doesn’t serve you.
Time is a limited, a finite resource that once used can never be reclaimed or recreated. Instead of pilfering time, pursue your passion and learn new things. Education is boundless and never-ending. We are not on this planet to stagnate, but to continue searching and rediscovering ourselves. Wake up with a cheerful spirit and go out into the world and do something productive. Add value. Give. Help. Contribute. — AMBER M. COLALONG