July 25, 2024

Many of us have been caught off guard by this pandemic. We are told to stay home, wear a mask, observe physical distance, and wash our hands to protect ourselves. It is like being in a dreamworld or may sound Greek to some who don’t have the means.
For the past months, we have cleaned our closets, the house, cooked our favorite dishes perhaps, ordered yummy food and groceries from Food Panda and other deliveries, or sorted other things to do. What else can we do in the “busyness” of pandemic life and watching telenovela, exercising, eating, sleeping, and watching more telenovelas and the news?
To stay positive is one and to journalize is another. Stop listening to negative news and reading negative comments, they are vexations to the spirit. Read, read, read. Look into your old books and reread. Read and reread Desiderata.
This pandemic will be part of our history. We might as well write everything in a small notebook or journal. While journalizing, you can probably put photographs, caricatures or drawings. You might just discover the artist in you. Write poetry. Maging makata. Learn a new language or dialect. Journalizing does not necessarily mean writing prose. We can just jot down all our ideas or what you have done for the day in bullet form. Draw the skeleton first, the meat later.
Think of things happening daily. Jot down your dreams, are they conveying ideas that you need to take care of?
Plan your things to do for a day, for August and for September. Write letters and cards.
In the midst of all, pray, pray, pray. The virus is unseen, but God is also unseen. We must believe that the Almighty, whatever we conceive Him to be, will be on top of the situation. In this quantum world, energy and spirit prevails. This too shall pass.
Maybe we can all pray together every time we hear the siren for the angelus at 6 p.m. and the curfew at 9 p.m. or every time we see the Pope say a small prayer. They say that collective prayer is always the best. This had been a subject by study. We can probably use the 40 minutes of Zoom for group prayers, not just for meetings.
The pandemic has really taught us many lessons. Love, compassion, and humility are foremost. Beauty, ego, and wealth are all subsumed by health and wellness. Your beauty will just be hidden by a mask. Your common sense will make you survive. Money cannot buy your health. Share if you must what you have in excess.
Keep safe, everyone.