December 4, 2022

Councilor Vladimir Cayabas has requested the Baguio Fire Department to regularly inspect and inventory fire hydrants in the city to determine whether these life-saving devices need to be replaced, relocated, or more are needed.

In a resolution, Cayabas said fire hydrants are essential in fire prevention as these are connection points so firefighters can have access to a steady water source during operations.

Aside from determining the sufficiency of fire hydrants and inspecting non-operational ones, Cayabas said the fire department also needs to check which ones need to be relocated considering the ongoing road clearing and widening in the city.

Fire hydrants are usually installed along main thoroughfares and in other strategic areas that are visible and easily accessible.

Cayabas said there are fire hydrants within a 250 to 350-meter interval with two national thread standard hose outlets and are connected to and supplied with water by a pumper port facing the nearest street.

The installation of fire hydrants that are free from any obstruction is a national mandate under the Fire Code of the Philippines of 2008 which mandates the State to enforce all laws, rules, and regulations to ensure adherence to standard fire protection and safety measures and to promote accountability in fire protection and prevention. – Jordan G. Habbiling