October 3, 2023

The city council approved on first reading a proposed ordinance mandating the City Environment and Parks Management Office in coordination with the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and the barangays to conduct periodic trimming of trees that pose danger and resting along power lines, utility lines, and roofs without obtaining a trimming permit.

Under the proposed ordinance authored by Councilor Maria Mylen Victoria G.  Yaranon, the Cepmo, in coordination with the CDRRMC and the punong barangays shall, in case of imminent danger or emergency, trim tree branches without the need of an application or issuance of a tree cutting/trimming permit.

To expedite the process of trimming tree branches, any resident, community member, or local official who identifies a tree posing immediate danger to the public should report the same to their punong barangay.

The punong barangay or designed barangay official shall conduct an on-site assessment on the tree’s condition and potential risk to public safety and if the tree is deemed hazardous, the punong barangay shall notify the Cepmo about the hazard.

The Cepmo shall review the information and if the reported tree is considered an immediate danger to public safety, it shall grant the expedited approval before its trimming or cutting.

With the approved authorization, the punong barangay or designated barangay officials shall coordinate with the CDRRMC that will cut the tree and the punong barangay or designated barangay official shall record the details of the action taken, including the date, time, and method of removal.

The punong barangay shall compile a report of all hazardous tree/s removed within their jurisdiction and submit the same to the Cepmo, which shall review and evaluate the effectiveness of the expedited process.

The local government shall include in its annual budget any amount as may be necessary for the implementation of the measure.

Yaranon said in case of eminent danger or emergency, the application and issuance of tree cutting/trimming would hinder the opportunity to save life and property, thus, the periodic trimming and pruning of trees that have branches resting along power lines, utility lines, and roofs would reduce the risk of danger to life and property, especially during the onset of the typhoon season.

Earlier, the Cepmo released a memorandum, which authorizes the cutting down of live and dead trees posing immediate danger to the public and expedited exporting process valid from July 27-31.

The ordinance stated the expedited process could already be adopted by the local government to ensure that trees posing danger to life and limb shall be cut or removed. – PIO release