July 23, 2024

Father’s Day is actually on the third Sunday of June. This post is a week ahead to give everyone a head start on greeting their fathers on this worldwide celebration.

It dawned on me that we remember our parents best through the gastronomic delights and treats that they give us. So, this week, it just came to mind to have a different approach to our memories of fathers. I asked different groups on messenger to describe the food they fondly remember their dad for in two sentences.

So, here’s to foodie Dads who warm our hearts and our stomachs from their daughters.

My father, Ramon ‘Monching’ David is queso de bola. His favorite, he always eats queso de bola. – Charlene David – Tapiru

Fried chicken leg part ken ni daddyk, Robert “Lawagey” Dampag. During our last dinner together, he gave me the meat and skin… bagi na jay bones. – Lani Dampag

My father Bernabe Fuertes is “relyen.” It’s also my favorite, papa’s girl ako eh. Ako nagtitinik sa bangus kapag gumagawa siya. – Jenifer Fuertes

My father, Durham Bennett is spaghetti. He taught me how to make spaghetti when I was 10 years old.    –  Nonnette Bennett

My father Jojo Lamaria is a burger. He loves burgers that’s why he’s my burger king – Jaja Lamaria

My papang Bernardo Valdez – I watched in amazement and (disgust) as a young girl, as he ate his bloody liver steak and with the biggest smile placed the red juicy lump into his mouth – Yak!  But now that I am older and wiser, I love the stuff and one of my favorites especially with grilled onions.Yummy! And when I have my steak, I always eat it with a big smile – for my beloved papang. – Rosario Valdez

My papa Perting would always bring home pancit canton, shanghai lumpia and sweet and sour pork from Star Cafe once a week so that must be his fave aside from   every Sunday Magnolia ice cream that he buys after church. – Flor Villalon – Amistad

Stepdad (USAF) Lt. Col. Al Frick was the 19th tee. Cheeseburger with fries, banana split or ice cream Sundae on the side. – Pamela Roco Maas

My Dad Felipe Gabay loves fried chicken. I miss him so much. – Christy Gabay – Mcfadden

Papa, Brig. Gen Benjamin C. Duque, was an officer and a gentleman. We saluted him and called him, “Sir”. – Oneida Duque – Meru

My dad, Rodolfo del Rosario, made crispy potato chips. He taught us and we even sold it in the store. – June Ellen del Rosario

Often, our comfort foods are memories from home. Every family has an heirloom recipe that is passed from generation to generation. Here, we have given tribute to our fathers for the foods that they heartily ate with us.