December 2, 2023

Resellers at the city public market have been asked to not patronize products that are not labeled properly.
The city government market division, Department of Trade and Industry Baguio-Benguet, and Food and Drug Administration said manufacturers of pasalubong products who continue to violate rules on proper labeling should not be accommodated.
City Market Superintendent Ceasar Emilio said this will hopefully compel producers to comply with the labeling requirements, which is one way of ensuring consumer protection.
The three offices spearheaded an information, education, and communication program on proper labeling and other salient provisions of Republic Act 7394 or the Consumer Act attended by Baguio-based manufacturers and market stallholders who sell pasalubong products last Nov. 18 at the city public market.
Manufacturers who are still not compliant with the labeling requirements were strongly urged to comply while those whose products have proper labels but with inadequate details were asked to upgrade their labels to supply missing information like specific address and net weight.
The three agencies said they will continue to monitor resellers to ensure that no products with improper labels will be sold.
Recently, two stalls at the city market were issued notices of violation for selling pasalubong products while several others were made to pull out items that have improper labels in an operation conducted jointly by the three agencies.
Consumers may report erring manufacturers or resellers to DTI Baguio-Benguet Consumer Protection Division under Ralph Altiyen at 0917-888-6963.
Improper labeling constitutes violation of Republic Act 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines, particularly Articles 77 to 79 on minimum labeling requirements, the Philippine product standard mark, and additional labeling and packaging requirements, respectively. – Aileen P. Refuerzo