December 7, 2023

The first 46 returning Baguio residents underwent processing on May 21 to determine whether or not they can mingle with the rest of Baguio’s mainstays. 

Dr. Donna Lorenzana Tubera-Panes, city epidemiologist, said the returning residents were required to undergo triage to determine whether they can be cleared of illnesses or be included in the priorities to be given treatments based on the severity of their condition.

Panes reminded residents who want to come back to the city must register online at

To facilitate seamless processing of their request to return to the city, she reminded the residents to submit the documents enumerated in the website where a printable health declaration form is likewise posted.

Panes said some of the 46 residents did not submit complete requirements, causing delay in the processing of their application. It takes three to five minutes for each individual to be processed in the triage area.

Those who failed to present the required documents were ordered to return to their places of origin.

Panes urged the returning residents to be truthful so that validators are able to produce reliable data to ensure the community remains protected against the coronavirus disease-2019.

She also reminded the residents to travel back to Baguio on the day assigned to them by the validators.

All the returning residents who underwent procedures manifested good health and were allowed to proceed to their respective barangays.

They are closely being monitored by their barangay health emergency response teams. – Hiyas B. Zambrano