October 2, 2023
ROAD CUT — Bontoc Mayor Jerome Tudlong, Jr., visited the site of the road cut in Barangay Guina-ang that isolated the barangay and nearby Mainit and led the distribution of food and non-food items to a family who willingly have their house demolished to pave way for the road expansion in the said area. — Jovi Lopez

BONTOC, Mountain Province – A road cut in Sitio Kechay in Barangay Guina-ang has affected transportation of the villagers going to the central business district and displaced one family.

The road cut, which occurred in the afternoon of July 26, prompted the Langpawen family, consisting of Rudy Langpawen, Kimberly Langpawen, and their three minor children to make the difficult decision to demolish their concrete house to pave the way for the road expansion.

The family was also willing to relocate to the house of Rudy’s father in Favrey, Guina-ang. While the house is being demolished and until they move to the new location, the family’s belongings are temporarily stored in the house of a relative of Kimberly.

Further, the road cut has isolated the communities of Mainit and Guina-ang, forcing residents to walk approximately 50 meters before transferring to a vehicle to reach the town proper.

Following the Rapid Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis conducted by a team led by Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer Johanna Padaen and Police Chief Pedro Tactay on July 31, immediate relief operations were initiated.

Mayor Jerome Tudlong, Jr. led the distribution of aid, including one plastic box of family kit and one set shelter kit from the Office of Civil Defense-Cordillera through the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, five hygiene kits from Department of Health-CAR through the Provincial DOH office; three sacks of 50-kilogram rice, two sacks of 25kg rice, and two boxes of sleeping kits from the Department of Social Welfare and Development Office-CAR; and 24 pieces of canned goods, four packs of oatmeal, and two family food packs from the municipal government through the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.

Tudlong reiterated the importance of working together as a community to address challenges as such.

He called for unity and cooperation to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

He also thanked the various agencies and organizations for their support in the relief operations.

“We must work together as a community to address challenges like this. Unity and cooperation are crucial to ensuring the safety and well-being of all our residents. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the various agencies and organizations for their unwavering support in our relief operations. Together, we will overcome this obstacle and emerge stronger and more resilient community,” he said.

The Bontoc Emergency Operations Center continues to monitor the situation and is committed to providing further assistance and support as needed until the road is repaired and situation in the affected areas return to normal. – Christy Mae F. Che-es-Pangesfan