July 24, 2024

As the month of hearts concludes, let us keep reminding ourselves the reason love remains the greatest gift of all, and it is love, above all else, that makes the world go round.
Among all the categories of love, February highlights the intimate affection between lovers. Thus, romance warms the atmosphere more expressively compared to the other months. Romance, however, is not limited only to individuals who have partners. I can see curious faces of single fellas out there.
Meriam Webster’s definition of romance, when used as verb, could refer to the act of talking about something in a way that makes it seem better than what it really is. Miss Universe Catriona Gray was then applying romance when she said there is a silver lining behind the unfortunate situations experienced by the locals in the slum of Tondo. She was emphasizing that however appalling the situation may seem, there is still a beauty that can reflect from it. Maybe the children’s innocent and genuine smile was flashing in her mind when she was answering during that prestigious pageant. Now that’s called romanticizing, we try to bring out the sweet fragrance embodied by every existence.
Likewise, the recent explosion of Taal damaged livelihoods, destroyed houses and businesses, impeded educational processes, and caused troubles and casualties. The tragedy, however, affectionately fondled the heart of the Filipino people from different islands and automatically united to gather and send any kind of goods that could help the victims. Once again, solidarity was awakened. Also, the calamity helped the clarification about the real Taal volcano among the craters, hills, and mountains in that certain volcano island.
When we apply romance in our personal life, we can find the true warmth and infinite gift of love when we hold unto the positive perspective towards any circumstance. The moment you wake up every morning, find that genuine gratitude in your heart to appreciate another day to savor the breath of life. Piles or tons of requirements may be waiting on the table for you to finish from day to day, but cheer up, those are part of your training towards the real victory. If only you would be disciplined, patient, and dedicated enough, expect that in the end you’ll find the reward greater than what you’ve been expecting.
In this journey towards finding the real purpose of life, the path we travel will not always stay calm and straight. At times we’ll have to rest, other times we’ll have to run, until that day that we’ll finally find the potencies to fly. Discouragements will keep bumping on us. Sometimes it will be our fellow who will try to pull us down or destroy us, and we get hurt and get bruised. But then again, we can romanticize these daunting situations, we just have to shake off these tainted elements that are not worth our attention and energy. Let us focus on our goal of becoming a better person every day. As long as your intentions are rooted on passion and goodwill, the radiance from compassion will keep reflecting upon you.
Love, experts have proven, starts within oneself. You cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot love without loving and accepting yourself the way you are beautifully made. One thing more, my mentor’s favorite line goes, “You can give without love, but you cannot love without giving.” Again, let’s start with our own selves. Right now then, find time to pat yourself for a good work done and appreciate that unique quality you have within. This way, it will be a quick reflex already for you to show appreciation and spread expressions of love to people around you.
May we then keep fanning the flame of romance to shun away from the mundane. There are lots of ways to express love and you have your own special means. Let love keep us alive all the time. — Kathleen K. Padsingan