January 31, 2023

We continue to ponder and be inspired by the first Roman Catholic priestly ordination in Sagada, Mountain Province on Dec. 3.
Rev. Fr. Albert Lenon, a Society of Don Bosco priest, who came all the way from Manila to experience faith and culture during the ordination is sharing his short reflection. He calls this piece “Sagada experience.”
“Driving on the winding roads and glan-cing at the clouded blue sky, smelling the scent of the flowers and the pine trees, and feeling the cool breeze touching and chilling my skin, I was pondering how the priestly celebration of Deacon Brayle Mones Bagyan – the first home grown son-priest of Kilong, Sagada.
As we arrived in St. Joseph Catholic Mission for this special occasion, all the wonders in my mind were transformed into awe. We were warmly welcomed by the priests and the parishioners.
Being new in the place, I felt the simple and profound family spirit. Children, young people, and the elderly welcomed us with greetings and smiles. I could sense that this is a big day they were all waiting for. The colorful decorations around manifest days of hardwork and sleepless nights. The beautiful and charming singing that echoes with nature was a harmonious song of gratitude coming from the heart. The entrance procession dance, offertory procession, and the clothes worn by many converge a tradition that has been preserved, nourished, and cherished.
As the seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours and hours into days, the more I was mesmerized and enjoyed the moment. Here in my own eyes was the unfolding of faith and cultural tradition – a deep-rooted faith alive in the people, in the clergy and in the young as well. Gratitude and reverence to our missionaries, the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who have planted the seed of faith to the cascading waters of the rice terraces – the stairways to heaven. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in bringing the gospel. Thank you for the love you have given to the people.
Recalling my few days in this heavenly place, I am truly blessed to have witnessed and experienced what we Filipinos call bayanihan. Each one shared – their talents, their resources, their time, and themselves to have a fun-filled and meaningful celebration.
Let me conclude by reminding and encouraging everyone about that Centennial mark celebration.
“Iyaman sin pammati ay sinolon di napwan, itoltoloy ya papigsaen ta wanden di sasayangdan.”
May we remember with grateful hearts the people who work hard as they toil to plant the seed of faith; may we live our present moment burning and full of fire in living our faith; may we be a beacon of light that shines to the future generation.”
Fr. Albert Lenon, SDB
Missionary priest in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands(1996 to 2021)

On behalf of the Mission Pastoral Council of Kilong Catholic Mission, I wish to thank again all those who supported and became active participants in the priestly ordination from preparation to the celebration and the restoration of the venue.

A reminder for all those who are preparing songs during Advent season, let us sing Advent songs during Advent season. On Advent, the hymn “Gloria” is suppressed. Advent songs are sung for processions namely, entrance song, presentation song, communion song, and final song. Let us sing Christmas songs during Christmas season. The aguinaldo mass is an anticipated Christmas event hence, the hymn “Glory to God” is sung and the liturgical color is white to include the vestment of the priest.

In case you are in need of advent songs to variate the old ones or to add to your list, email me at [email protected] and make sure you will receive.