July 14, 2024

Cordillera boxing promoter Brico Santig of Highland Boxing Promotion has been named by BoxRec as the top promoter in the Philippines for 2019.
BoxRec is one of the reputable sources of information and statistics on boxing in the world.
BoxRec shows that Santig has promoted 12 boxing events that featured 17 regional world titles of the World Boxing Council, World Boxing Association, World Boxing Organization, International Boxing Organization, Women’s International Boxing Association, and national boxing events.
The only Filipino promoter who came close to Santig’s record in 2019 was Jim Claude Manangquil, who promoted 10 events with six titles.
Gabriel Elorde, Jr., son of the late boxing legend Gabriel, came in third with five promotions with eight titles while former world champion Gerry Peñalosa placed fourth with five promotions with two titles.
Another young Igorot boxing promoter, Darwin Miller Dep-ay, has been credited for promoting four boxing events along with Johnny Elorde, Michael Aldequer, and Raides Neri.
Also recognized for promoting at least three events were Pio Castillo, Jr., Joseph Quibal, Edgar Ricafort, Juan Monis, and Gerry Balmes.
Last year, Santig was conferred the WBC Asia “Pacific Region Promoter of the Year 2018.” 
Two years ago, Santig received the WBC Asia Oriental Promoter of the Year for promoting boxing events in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India.
It was the third consecutive time that Santig was honored by the WBC Asia. He was named the “World Boxing Council Asia Honorary Promoter of the Year 2016.” 
In 2015, Santig received two major awards from two prestigious boxing organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. – Harley F. Palangchao