July 24, 2024

The National Housing Authority and a senior citizens group have joined forces in the bid to provide affordable housing to senior citizens who have been struggling to own home.

The meeting between NHA District Manager, Engr. Christopher S. Saingan, Jr., and Senior Citizen and Elderly Welfare Club of the Philippines, Inc. (Secap) G4 Lands Director Rouchell O. Alo is a promising development for Secap members.

The meeting aimed to give privilege and priority to Secap members since 2021 to own a home in an affordable monthly amortization which is offered by the government.

The government is committed to provide affordable housing for low-income families, but the process of owning a home is daunting, especially for those who are not financially stable.

With the new initiative, Secap members can now have access to affordable housing without the burden of high monthly payments.

The partnership between Secap and NHA shows the government is willing to work with organizations to provide better services for its citizens.

The initiative will not only benefit Secap members but also contribute to the government’s efforts to address the housing crisis in the country.

Owning a home is not just about having a place to live, but also an investment that can provide long-term benefits for the family. It can provide stability, security, and a sense of pride.

With the initiative, more families can now have the opportunity to own a home and build a better future for themselves.

The meeting between Secap and NHA is a positive development that will benefit many families in the country.

It is hoped the partnership will continue to flourish and provide more opportunities for low-income families to own a home.

The government’s commitment to providing affordable housing is a step towards a brighter future for all Filipinos. – Ves Garin