July 16, 2024

Dear Manang,
I have a child who locks himself up in his room and doesn’t come out unless we call him to eat. He seems to sleep the whole day and hardly says a word. My relatives say that we should bring him to the doctor because he is showing signs of mental illness. I try to talk to him, and he says that he is fine and that he just wants to sleep. I ask if he wants to accompany me in the grocery, he comes with me but when we return, he goes back to his bed. What could this mean? What am I supposed to do?
Carla of Bakakeng, Baguio City

Dear Carla,
There is something that is making your child this way. If I am right, this is what they call depression. It is highly recommended that you bring him for psychological evaluation before it becomes serious. Sometimes, these things can still be helped, and some medicines help them to get back on their feet. I am glad that you reacted early enough to this. The best is to bring him to Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center so that you might get a good evaluation. Parents like you should not brush the oversleeping aside and react immediately. The earlier you help them out of this, the better.
Reach out,

Dear Manang,
My son got somebody pregnant and has a son. The mother brought the son to her province in Cebu and recently sent a photo of the child as evidence. I do not know how to react to it because my son does not talk to me about it. He just showed me the photo but is not talking about it. I don’t want to be blind and deaf to it. Although I do not have the means to support or offer much help, I just want to know how I can extend some assistance. I too was alone when I brought my children up and I want to spare her from some of the pain. What do you think?
Meg of Itogon, Benguet

Dear Meg,
Only a few mothers have your concern over a child who is not in your custody, particularly one kept as a secret from you. There are those who get angry and upset but you seem to be calm and composed about it. There are mothers who will curse their son or daughter in this situation. There are some who might take advantage if you extend yourself. Perhaps it is better if you just wait until they ask for help and react then. It might be too early to give this your attention. I am sure that she will find a way to inform you about what she needs. God bless your heart.
Remain as kind as you are,