July 25, 2024

A drunk man sleeping at a private parking area along Buhagan Road in Baguio City died after being rolled over by a truck in the early morning of Dec. 28.
Baguio City Police Office Station 2 head Maj. Manuel Canipas, Jr. identified the victim as Juan Orig Wandas, a native of Ilocos province, and was working as a miner in Itogon, Benguet.
Based on the interview with Wandas’ friends, the victim had a habit of sleeping anywhere when drunk.  
“The investigation matches the tire marks on his body and the driver did not notice the victim sleeping on the ground,” Canipas said.
The incident was reported to BCPO Station 2 by another truck driver who was about to go to his vehicle to get sleep at 2 a.m. of Dec. 28.
The witness said Wandas lying on the ground. He tried to wake him up, but was surprised to see the victim’s limbs were dislocated and his guts were out.
The witness immediately informed the security guard of the parking area, and reported the incident to the police.
Canipas said police investigators located the truck driver that ran over Wandas and was identified as Marzan Cantores. 
Cantores told police investigators he did not notice the victim on the ground when he was moving the truck, which was filled with cement, from the parking lot. He admitted he did not check on the vehicle and his surrounding before driving it out of the parking area.
Canipas has reminded individuals to always be wary when drinking liquor, and for truck drivers to also check on their vehicles and surroundings prior to driving. – Ofelia C. Empian