July 16, 2024

Is traditional media a dying industry? Will social media be the new trend in English language learning?
The technological era has definitely changed the traditional landscape of media, all forms of mass media whether radio, television, print or digital, has undergone waves of changes. News and information have traditionally been spread through radio and television broadcast and newsprints but now, all we need is the Internet. A few clicks here and there and voila… we have all the news and information we need from all corners of the globe.
We used to see our parents and grandparents reading the newspaper during breakfast, we hear them sharing the news of the day, giving their critic and commentaries on hot issues as they read. I, myself, learned to enjoy reading the newspaper, honing my English by reading these newspapers.
In Baguio City, the Midland Courier has always been synonymous to “Baguio news and information,” and sadly, it seems it is also not immune to the effects of technology, time and change as it will soon be printing its last publication.
Soon, it seems that reading and enhancing our English language skills through newspapers, will be a thing of the past. Should newspapers now be enshrined in our museums as part of history?
Indeed, with the advent of technology, media continues to evolve and advance, seemingly unstoppable in its progression. Nowadays, many people prefer to get their information and learn through websites and social media platforms. Newspapers which used to be an instrument for English language learning, is now supplanted by social media.
It is unfortunate that lesser people buy and read newspapers and fewer people listen to the radio. It looks like it will soon be forgotten into oblivion because of technology. Today, media is at everyone’s finger tips, information is readily accessible, we do not even need to buy a newspaper anymore to learn the latest news. All forms of social media platforms are on hand like Facebook, Instagram, and X, evidently dominating the media industry and has indeed become a popular trend in English language learning due to its accessibility.
Undoubtedly, social media encourages interactive and collaborative language learning through the various social media platforms. Learners can even enhance their English skills by creating content to practice their writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.
Consequently, educators can harness the power and influence of social media to enhance the English language learning experience of students by interacting with native and non-native speakers of English online. Certainly, social media is a great way to enhance communication skills and achieve English language learning goals.
What never changes though is that media will always be a powerful tool that will continue to change and shape our society. Hence, even with the rise of technology and Internet, the use of social media safely and responsibly should always prevail.