July 22, 2024

Scouts from different schools in Baguio City have rendered public service as Scout Officials For-a-Day (Sofad) in various offices of the city government and in some national line agencies as part of the Scouting Month celebration.
This year’s Sofad, who were selected members of the Sofad Council, held their session on Monday with perfect attendance, based the record of Sofad secretary Aaron Earl Justo.
The 14-seat Sofad council, chaired by Sofad Vice Mayor Princess Ruth Goma, has deliberated on important legislative proposals for the city’s developmental goals and quality services.
Foremost is the proposed “Flag Reverence and Respect Ordinance of 2022,” which aims to involve all residents of Baguio in all flag-raising ceremonies conducted pursuant to Republic Act 8491 or the Flag and Heraldic Code.
As guide for the implementation of the program, the proposed ordinance cited sections 15 and 38 of the Act, which, among others, mandate all government offices and educational institutions to observe the flag-raising ceremony every Monday morning and the flag-lowering ceremony every Friday afternoon in a simple and dignified way with the playing or singing of the national anthem.
The proposed measure provides that every barangay, during their flag-raising ceremony every Monday of each week, shall play the national anthem or the Lupang Hinirangthrough their respective public address systems to involve everyone in their barangay.
This was forwarded to the city council committee on barangay affairs for study and possible adoption and approval by the city council as city resolution or ordinance.
Also acted and referred to the committee on education, culture, and historical research is the proposed ordinance, “Mandating all secondary public and private schools operating within the territorial jurisdiction of the city to provide their students with basic life support training,” which is aligned with the State’s duty of ensuring able-bodied citizens to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and basic skills to respond to certain health emergencies.
In the proposal, schools shall incorporate said training as part of their comprehensive health and physical education curriculum using the programs developed by the Philippine Heart Association or Philippine National Red Cross.
The school principal or administrator shall coordinate with the City Health Services Office for its assistance in providing competent instructors from CHSO’s accredited nongovernment organizations.
Students suffering from any physical or mental disability, which may render them unable to perform a basic life support procedure, are exempted from going through the training program.
The body also acted on the proposed ordinances for the establishment of the Youth Emergency Risk Reduction Management Program; the promotion of safe cycling as an alternative mode of transportation; and for the labeling of all storage for garbage being collected in the city” indicating therein: whether the solid waste biodegradable, recyclable, residual, and special domestic waste; the name of the garbage carrier to be written in garbage collection point; and the address where the garbage originated.
For public safety and convenience, especially for the workers and students, are proposed resolutions urging all jeepney operators and drivers to strictly comply with Ordinance 133, s. 2018, which requires all jeepney operators and drivers’ association to make available their services until 9 p.m.; and providing three special jeepney trips and routes exclusively for elementary to grade 12 students during rush hours from 6, 6:15 and 6:30 a.m. and from 4, 4:15, and 4:30 p.m. in every barangay;
Giving 20 percent discount by all schools to their working students and installation of student tracking system at their respective gates; Additional bicycle parking spaces in public parks and private/public schools; Designating personnel for pedestrian crossings and expanding security measures in all schools; Accommodating tutoring services for grade school to high school students with low reading comprehension in barangay libraries or reading corners, and tapping volunteer students to be tutors in exchange for academic incentives;
Exemption of all students from the payment of all charges in all public toilets or comfort rooms; Implementation of peer counselling among students for their personal development and mental health care; Institutionalization of regular mental health awareness and anti-drug abuse campaign to all public and private high schools; and inclusion of a year-round barangay plan on youth-related programs and activities.
Acted through separate proposed resolutions are the requests for concerned or appropriate offices, agencies, association and organizations, schools or institutions, business establishments including residents or individuals for the installation of high-resolution CCTV surveillance cameras in all overpasses and streets and of vehicle speed monitoring cameras within the territorial jurisdiction of the city; Emphasizing to respective guests the observance of the “basurako, bitbit ko” practice when going around the city; Flushing/washing of betel nut sputum and other unsanitary floor stains daily within respective premises; Conduct of a physical fitness test at the end of every month; Establishment of a safe marketing place by having a weekly activity for market vendors that aims to provide clean market to consumers; and adoption of online technology platforms for an easier business processing and encouraging business owners to sell their products legally with permits.