October 1, 2023

The municipality of Tublay will maintain some tourist destinations open for residents of the province even during the imposition of the general community quarantine in the Cordillera this month.
Mayor Armando Lauro earlier issued Executive Order 1 s. 2021 establishing the general guidelines governing the operation of particular tourist sites and activities in the municipality from Jan. 7 to Feb. 7.
But even with the declaration of the region under GCQ, the tourist sites will still be open following stricter guidelines of the GCQ so that the tourist destinations, which have already opened, will not suffer, he said.
 As provided in the GCQ guidelines of the Provincial Inter-agency Task Force, the operation of tourist destinations is subject to the approval of the local government where these are located.
Lauro said they want to promote agro-tourism, which is one of the economic pillars of the town.
In as much as tourism activities already took off and for livelihood considerations, Lauro said the amelioration funds have already been exhausted and that the local government could no longer provide for the people.  
The tourist sites that are open are the Ahonda Caves, Rock Formations and Jungle Adventure and Century Balete Tree in Tuel and Ridge Café, Polig’s Berry Farm and the Giant Kettle Coffee Shop, and the view deck along Kilometer 21 in Ambassador.
The Winaca Eco-Cultural Village and Forest Homes opted to open by March after the imposition of the GCQ.
Lauro said the Asin Hot Springs in Tuel, which used to be open, opted for temporary closure to allow the retrofitting of its facilities to accommodate the influx of tourists as the management is having difficulty imposing physical distancing.
The local government validated the local sites and oriented those engaged in the agri-tourism sector on the importance of imposing protocols and maintaining stricter and prudent implementation of guidelines. – Susan C. Aro