July 23, 2024

AMONG THE SOUTHERN Cordis, there is that special, unique feature in the (family) names of consanguineally-related families that – as an observer or outsider: may tickle your interest, or curiosity, or wonderment. Now, to specifics:

TWO MALE SIBLINGS – now in their early 70s, have sons and grandchildren, but their sons respective – as well as the children respective of these, do not carry the same family name – as supposed to be. Instead, now: two – family names, of grandfather siblings A (Let = Pudz) and B (Let = Todds).
‘AH, MAYBE BECAUSE, they’re half-siblings? Or, one is an adopted sibling, etc.?’ You may say, but the answer is: “No, none of that sort.”
“THEY’RE FULL SIBLINGS, i.e. one, same father and one same mother, but grandpa sibling A took their grandfather’s first name – which is Pudz, while grandpa sibling B took their faher’s first name which is Todds. The sibling-grandfathers’ father’s full name was Todds Pudz.

“THAT’S WHY TODAY, their children male respective – as well as the children of these appear to have come from two different ancestors – but you can see now they came from only one – and he is no other than Todds, son of Pudz. See?”

ANOTHER REASON IS that of: personal choice or preference – among available family names to be had.
WHEN THE SOUTHERN Cordi areas were being ‘explored’ – for Mining, Urbanization, and Development, big companies and entities came pouring in, and they were employing a lot of people. By coincidence of Fate, in those times, their general policy was: to employ at least one ‘able-bodied person or individual, per family’ or household – as they didn’t like their higher-ups to be ‘inconvenienced, asking, or questioning’ about long lists of the same family name(s) in their roosters. So, one ‘practical’ remedy – both recruiter or boss – as well as applicant, thought of, was: to ‘produce’ another ‘new’ family name though still valid. After their first employment, they’ll need to use those ‘new’ family names to support their qualifications or, ‘work experience(s)’. And so, they didn’t go back’ to their original family names – still being used by their siblings or cousins. And finalement:

OUT OF RESPECT, reverence, or in-memory of: a great ancestor, a super-kind benefactor, etc., an individual may opt to ‘adopt’ the non-genetically related family name, or else genetically-related, consanguineal even – though none among his co-generation cousins and contemporaries have given cognizance of. And so forth.

MEANING: THERE ARE many other reasons why in the Southern Cordi, you’ll notice a number of people – and families supposed to be having or bearing one family name – as in fact, they may be related Kin and Kith in the patrilineal line(s), but (oh) no! they’re bearing several-sounding (family) names! But, note well:
AS OBSERVERS, YOU can still witness their closeness, solidarity, and unity during: their Cañaos, Reunions, Lang-ays, Adivays, and the like! Ayo, Ayo, Ino!