September 26, 2023

Officials declared May 7 every year as Health Workers Day in Baguio pursuant to Republic Act 10069 and other related laws, rules, and regulations.

In a resolution, the council said considering the significance of the role of the health workers in the private and public sectors, the local government is inclined to declare May 7 as Health Workers Day as an appreciation for the hard work and passion of the city’s health workers.

RA 10069, which declared May 7 of every year as Health Workers Day was passed to recognize the important role and contribution of workers who provide vital health services to the public and promote their rights and welfare and enhance their sense of worth and dignity.

As defined in the law, health workers are persons who are actively engaged in health and health-related work regardless of employment status, including medical, allied health professionals, administrative and support services personnel, and those employed in hospitals, sanitaria, health infirmaries, health centers, rural health units, barangay health stations, and clinics and other health related establishments owned and operated by the government or its political subdivisions with original charters or by the private sector.

The coalition or alliance of health workers in the city will conduct a Health Workers Day fair on May 7 at the People’s Park where booths will be setup for services that will be available for health workers and the public.  – PIO release