February 9, 2023

Throughout generations and eras, we actually managed to defend significant territories like what life had offered us. Because of this, we turned into these different hues of ourselves that linger in our shadow only to succumb itself into our spine like an alter ego changing to its original color as we dance with it. Which one would fit for today’s event?
Yesterday, I dreamed of pulling the life strings out of me. But today, I plan to actually wait for life to run its course and take back that shimmering light in me. So, what do I think for tomorrow? Perhaps to think of other ways of doing it or to calculate the terms left of the life bar floating above my head. At which level would my life be spilled? Am I fighting for the right territory or it just happened that I fell into a wrong sphere during creation?
So, before any of that, which would you prefer? The yellow that would follow you wherever you go and greet you with countless words? The purple that sits in the gloomy fields of sunset as our tears water the crops that would feed others? Or the blackness that would bring peace to the both of us … for you.
There are different types of color relationships; one of them is complementary relationship. The color wheel says purple faces yellow. To many, simplicity is the key to longevity. But to some of us, complexity is the language of longevity. Was it wrong that I thought my wheel could’ve blended with yours and that it would take us together into a meaningful paradigm?
If life is what they say it is, then life shouldn’t be this simple and shallow. They say that when the color goes deeper, it gets darker in value. If fear is a value, should it be towards black or white? Some fear that when they see all white, they might actually be gone, and some fear to see black as they might lose themselves into insanity.
Is there still time to get back to you? Since the very beginning, I have been my own chemist struggling to find the perfect formula that would change this hunched back for good for I dream that someday I would have the courage to look at you eye to eye without second thoughts that soon it would worn off and reveal my deformity. We have tried many formulas but only the seasons have changed. But lately, I felt something like a soft breeze under a sun-kissed situation so I looked at the time and realized that things are shedding back to its neutral stasis. Maybe there’s still time.
I will make it up to you. In every pavement, your words will be the echoing sound that my ears will follow when my eyes are shrouded by my own shadow. The skies where success brings us will be the origin of the essence that will shower the world that we created on the people who cares for us on the ground, looking at a double rainbow which is us. The rays that we shoot towards each other when the clouds are heavy will be the rays that will glare through the sundial so that no one will be lost like we once were. The planets will align not because it is the end, but because unity is what’s destined for our hearts and souls.
In the end, the shattered grounds where we fell will be a monument. A reminder of what it cost to survive a massive fallout from space, where we once orbited in comfort. A reminder that even at my lowest, you were there as I look up to you for an answer. You taught me how to dance in the dark when all I have is a temporal spark in me.
After all, just like every other person around you, I am in a constant change of hue. May it be dark or light, it depends on what color you would share with me. Some things are meant to be left untouched while some deserve to be blended into anew. What’s important is the harmony which we paint as each color represents the seasons of our lives. Until then, we’ll wait in this gloomy fields.