June 2, 2023

Tomorrow, Aug. 23, Sen. Manny Pacquiao will step into the ring as he has done countless of times, and try to wrest the welterweight crown off the head of current titleholder Yordenis Ugas, a Cuban boxer fighting out of La Trinidad, Benguet – so say a trio of voices, who sound like former mayors Abalos, Alumit and Guanso, cheering Ugas from the grave.

Earlier slated to fight undefeated Errol Spence, the bout was called off after Spence suffered a serious eye impairment, with Ugas coming in as a late substitute.
Against Spence, Pacquiao was the underdog, with Las Vegas oddsmakers pegging Spence as the heavy favorite, who would send the senator into retirement, Amen.
We agreed then with Vegas and Nick, the Greek.
Pacquiao liked the odds, who fights best as a dejado or underdog.
But now the tide has turned, the Pacman is the 10 to seven favorite against Ugas, a practical unknown in boxing circles.

Too bad the Pacman-Spence fight didn’t push through.
Brimming with confidence, Pacquiao wasn’t being cocky.
I saw Spence fight Danny Garcia, and he reminded me a lot of Antonio Margarito.
Now if the senator is still the Pacquiao of old – shifty of feet, fast of hands, and lots of power in his mitts, he could have taken out Spence like he did to boxing greats Ricky Hatton, Oscar de la Hoya, Miguel Cotto, and Antonio Margarito.
But the if is a big if.
But here’s how it was – or is. Against Spence, I would have bet a few thousands for the senator, but now against Ugas, not eager to wash my hands like Pilate, with the odds at seven to 10, my money will be on Ugas.
Unpatriotic, true, but an Ugas victory could mean the retirement of Pacquiao from both sports and politics, which will be good for the country.

In assailing the present administration of large scale corruption, Manny at least got the ball rolling.
Today, people are asking, who is worse? Marcos or Rodrigo? Who is richer? The Marcoses or Rodrigo, et al. Who is smarter than others, Marcos or Rodrigo.
Well, Marcos was shrewd and cunning, but so is Rodrigo, and he makes use of bluff and bluster to cover up his Marcos misdeeds.
Inuto tayo ng Proclamation 1102, inisahan naman tayo ni Rodrigo.
Akala natin he was the messiah sent by the heavens to bring us to the promised land, but he is nothing but a Piped Piper with Chinese connections.
Eat your heart out Ping Lacson. You too, Miss Ang See.
Bakit, malapit rin kayo ni Xi Jinping?

Tanong: Ano ang pagkakaiba ni Marcos at Duterte?
Kung tao ni Marcos si Francisco Duque, agad-agad pa-investigate ni Marcos ang mga paratang sa kanya. ‘Di nga naman bistado. “OK, I hear you.”
Si Duterte depensa kaagad kay Duque, eh ‘di bistado ang bulletin.
Mafia ang marunong diyan. “Mag-leave ka muna bata, mainit pa ang mata ng tao sa iyo.”
‘Pag kay
Cory, assassination follows.

Understandably, Marcos refused to make a Queen sacrifice. Pero si Duque, isali niyo na rin ‘yong dalawang aso ninyo – si Panelo at Roque – mga peon or pawns lang sila sir, Mr. President. Puwedeng ipalamon sa buwaya.
Tutal, nandiyan pa naman ang inyong knight (in shining armor pa), na si Bong Go – tahimik pero mapanganib – ‘di pa nagsusuot ng mamahaling relo. P19 million daw?

Given his seeming reluctance to run for the Senate, it looks like a one-on-one, mano-a-mano fight between incumbent Benjamin Magalong and former mayor Morris Domogan.
Both fight their politics the same way – to project themselves as men of the hour even when things are going bad (of their own making pa).
Ala Mighty Mouse, Domogan sings, “Here I come to save the day.”
Magalong responds – “No retreat, no surrender.”
Patay kung patay?
Kami naman
ordinary citizens, ang sagot namin ay “Suko, give up na kami sa inyong dalawa.”
Alas for Baguio, there are no Joans of Arc or Sir Galahads in the horizon. Those waiting in the wings are of the same mold as Benjie and Morris.
On the other hand, Vergara, Balajadia, and Cortes have become too old, Joemol has grown weary and tired, Del Claravall still has to get over what should have been a won race, and Ed Avila is starting to doubt his chances – unless?
But the Lamen formula still works best: “Try and try until you success.”
Okay, like the song goes, “Till you hear that bell, stand up and fight like hell.”
Gusto mo Gladys V. For all the marbles na. Si Jonathan kaya. Huwag na konsehal – mayor na.

A decent storm that didn’t turn out well. Iraq is far from being stable and peaceful, a war ravaged country left to rot by the Americans; the conquest of a small piece of land that saw thousands of U.S. Marines take on 500 fighting bravely for their place in the sun; Ho Chi Minh and his victory outsmarting Gen. Westmoreland with all his choppers, napalm bombs, and battalions that made then president Lyndon B. Johnson look like a fool; and now military troops abruptly leaving Afghanis-tan without first evacuating Americans left behind in fear of their lives.

Sure, the Taliban leadership says no one will be harmed, but was Marcos able to prevent soldiers on the ground abusing civilians? Nyet!
None are crazier and dangerous than militia who have tasted victory. To them, it’s their time to rule – with guns and bullets.