March 24, 2023

Mandatory online transaction and checkless disbursements are now being implemented at all offices of the Social Security System to provide members, employers, pensioners, and beneficiaries/claimants with faster, safer, more convenient, and economical means to register, submit their loan and benefit applications, and receive their loan proceeds and cash benefits.
Aside from our full compliance with the requirements of Ease in Doing Business and Efficient Government Services Delivery Act of 2018 or Republic Act 11032, SSS continues its digitalization efforts through expansion and enhancement of its online service facilities. “It is also our way of supporting our healthcare workers in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 since face-to-face interactions shall be limited within our branches,” said SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Aurora C. Ignacio.
Mandatory online transactions include filing of salary and calamity loans, sickness benefit reimbursement application for employers, application of social security number, employment Report, submission of sickness and maternity notification as well as filing of unemployment, retirement, and funeral benefit claims with e-disbursement.
To proceed with online transactions, members, employers, and pensioners must have their own My.SSS account. Upon registration, they must also register their disbursement account through the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module for the disbursement of their loan and benefits. For online users who opt to receive their benefits via e-wallet or remittance transfer companies (RTC)/cash pick-up outlets (CPO), their mobile numbers should also be enrolled in Bank Enrolment Module in their My.SSS accounts.
However, members must take note that there are prerequisites in submitting their retirement and funeral benefit applications online.
Claimants should have a SS number and Unified Multipurpose Identification (UMID) card or have already applied for a UMID card to submit their funeral benefit claim online. Meanwhile, non-SSS member-claimants should provide a copy of their ATM card deposit slip if the disbursement account is a PESONet participating bank, or their mobile number if their preferred disbursement is through e-wallet via upgraded PayMaya or cash remittance via MLhuiller, Ignacio explained.
Retiree-applicants can submit their retirement claim applications online if their SS number is not canceled; not an underground/surface mineworker or a racehorse jockey; not a self-employed member below 65 years old; has no outstanding balances in stock investment loan, privatization loan, educational loan, and vocational technology loan; and with no dependent minor children. Members who do not meet these qualifying conditions are advised to set an appointment with the nearest SSS branch, Ignacio said.
In line with the mandatory online registration, the pension fund also starts the mandatory checkless disbursement of unemployment benefit, funeral benefit through their UMID card enrolled as ATM Card/UnionBank Quick Card/PESONet participating bank/e-wallet/RTC/CPO. Meanwhile, salary and calamity loans shall be disbursed through PESONet participating banks only.
For further queries, members may call the SSS hotline at 1455. They may also follow the official Facebook page, “Philippine Social Security System,” Instagram Account “Mysssph,” or Twitter Feed “PHLSSS.” They may also log in to their My.SSS account for online services verification/queries. – Press release