July 21, 2024

Surveys conducted by the Department of Education-Cordillera have shown that majority of the learners, teachers and non-teaching personnel, as well as parents can cope with continuing learning using online and offline modes of delivery of lessons.

DepEd-Cordillera Curriculum and Learning Management Division Chief Carmel Meris said the surveys were conducted before the enrollment for school-year 2020-2021 started to determine the levels of capabilities of all those involved in the students’ learning process at this time when the government has to disallow face-to-face classroom setting due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

By which they will be able to assess through the teachers, learners, and parents’ profiles the appropriate mode of learning and teaching that will be used.

Meris said the surveys included status of availability of electricity, information and communication technology devices or gadgets owned, level of ICT skills and knowledge, Internet access and speed, capability of parents to provide technical assistance on ICT, willingness of students to learn through such modes, and capability of teachers to teach through online and offline modes.  

On the status of availability of electricity at home, the survey revealed that 98 out of 100 learners in the Cordillera or 97.89 percent have stable source of electricity at home, while 98 out of 100 of the teachers and non-teaching personnel or 97.51 percent have stable source of electricity.

For ICT device or gadget owned such as laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone, 85 out of 100 learners in the region or 84.65 percent have ICT devices; 97.22 percent of the teachers; and 96.33 percent of the non-teaching personnel have ICT devices.

On Internet connection, 92 out 100 learners or 92.17 percent have Internet connection either through cellular, mobile and cable fiber type of connection; and 88 out of 100 teachers or 87.87 percent and 94 out of 100 non-teaching personnel or 93.97 percent have Internet connection.

In terms of level of ICT skills and knowledge, Meris said data show 75 out of 100 of the learners or 75.05 percent, 88 out of 100 of the teachers or 88.15 percent, and 89.28 percent of the non-teaching personnel have average to excellent level of ICT skills and knowledge.

The survey also showed that 62.59 percent of the learners in the Cordillera are confident their parents can assist them in using technology or gadgets.

The learners are also interested to learn through ICT, with 79.29 percent of them expressing their willingness to learn by such mode.

The data also showed 42.5 percent of the teachers are capable of teaching through online mode while 65.79 percent of them are capable of teaching through offline mode through ICT.

DepEd-Cordillera Director May Eclar said preparations are currently done in the Cordillera for this particular school-year, where education may only continue through distance learning, do not only involve the teachers and students but also the parents, who will handle 50 percent of the tasks in the learning process of their children.

“Malaki ang papel na gagampanan ng mga parents dahil sila ang nakatutok, sila ang magbibigay ng guidance sa mga learners natin,” Eclar said. – Hanna C. Lacsamana