June 4, 2023

The shift from classroom classes to online or modular classes may be of a shock to a lot of students. Some may find difficulty in focusing at home. Others may worry about where they should study or which part of their house would be the best spot for their online classes. A lot would question their capability to manage their time with all the distractions and overwhelming situations around them. Now that face-to-face class seem like an impossible thing to get back to right now, we should be prepared and equipped to make the most out of what we should be studying. Here are five tips that will help you study during a pandemic: calendaring, office-like setup, voice out, inscribe and de-stress.
Calendaring. Keeping a list of all the things, requirements, and homework you need to finish is very handy and knowing how to put them in the calendar and deciding which you should do first is something very important. Aside from saving you time and helping you prioritize the things you need to do, it also alleviates the stress that cramming could cause you. You should also know what time your classes are or what time you need to accomplish certain modules. Related to that, it is also healthy to start a routine as if you were still going to school physically. This helps you prepare your mind and your body of the new setup you are going to be studying in.
Office-like setup. Although studying in bed is more comfortable, that is not the smartest thing to do. With classes being cut short since earlier this year leaving students with almost four months of no studying, staying in bed will most likely bore you out, encourage you not to study, or worse, make you sleepy all day. Having a separate work place dedicated to studying is helpful most especially in the situation we are in right now. It’s nice to set up a separate chair and a table away from your bed and if possible, away from other distractions which include televisions and even family members.
Voice out. A lot of us find ourselves learning more whenever we study with someone. However, due to the current situation, going to school and listening to the teacher or doing the requirement with a classmate does not seem possible, but with the technology we have today, reaching out to people may not be as hard as you would expect. When having trouble understanding certain lessons, it is always important to seek for clarification. With that, it is highly encouraged of you to reach out to your teachers or peers and voice out your concerns via emails, chats, calls, or even texts. After all, you still need to learn so why not make the most out of it and utilize your resources, right?
Inscribe. Online or modular classes do not exempt you from taking notes because jotting down or inscribing important information is still needed. This action could help you understand better and retain longer the information you are receiving. With that, keep in mind that having a pen and a notebook beside you will always be handy.
De-stress. You should also think about yourself. Know that you need to take breaks, eat, sleep, and even do things for leisure to relax yourself and to take care of your physical and mental health.
When faced with a different and/or difficult situation, you must still know the things you need to do. It is challenging to be studying during times like this but if you have the time and resources to do so, then make sure you get the most out of that opportunity and when studying, always remember these tips. — Ella Mae Urmaza-Peng-as