July 25, 2024

Dear Manang,
The lockdown or community quarantine does not have alternatives for wage earners. How will these people who live by the day and have big households cope with feeding their families? A few days is fine but a whole month is not comforting. What are the governments plans? Living far from the city without transportation and needing food or maintenance medicines will have consequences.
Rita of Camp 7, Baguio City

Dear Rita,
You and I are in the same quandary. Unlike Singapore, we did not foresee the need for an advance $50 subsidy daily for all workers prepaid for 30 days, no interest on loans, no income tax, subsidy for small businesses, continued transport of food, and goods needed for daily survival, a five-feet distance in queues. There should be community support systems like micro groceries where basics are allowed on ration. It should be treated like a calamity for those severely affected. We can only pray that authorities become more tactical about this and strategic. But, be steadfast and pray.
Keep the hope burning,

Dear Manang,
How do we get home? I am traveling from Brazil and I don’t know how we will get to Manila. In Manila, is there a way to travel to our hometowns? What are the procedures?
Addie of Brazil

Dear Addie,
When in Manila, there is a quarantine facility for all who don’t test positive of the Covid-19. Better if you have relatives in Manila who can pick you up from the airport to bring you to their house in the meantime. This quarantine requires a lot of discipline. If we just keep in mind that we contribute to the solution and cure, it may not stress us so much. But hey, easier said than done. Count the days with optimism.
Be the solution,