July 19, 2024

■  Text & Photos: VInce Dangaipo/DOT-CAR

The vibrant grounds of Tabuk City came alive with the colors, sounds, and rhythms of the annual Matagoan Festival’s “Festival of Festivals Street and Ground Showdown” held on June 26.

The event saw the enthusiastic participation of the barangays, each showcasing their unique festivals.

The showcased events were Bayas Festival of Lucog, Sallagadaw Festival of Magnao, Bamboo Festival of Dupag, Coffee Festival of Balawag, Nateng Festival of San Julian, Patopat Festival of Cabaritan, Lachok Festival of New Tanglag, Gabbok Festival of Guilayon, Kape-Dekot Festival of Bagumbayan, Pagay Festival of Balong, Iyog Festival of Suyang, Bayas Festival of Ipil, and Prutas Festival of Bantay.

Celebrated every June, the festival is a testament to the rich heritage, traditions, and customs of the Kalinga people. “Matagoan,” which translates to “peaceful” or “a place of living”, encapsulates the festival’s spirit of harmony and unity.

The festival is more than a celebration; it is a vibrant reminder of Kalinga’s cultural richness and the enduring commitment to peace and unity among its people.