July 16, 2024

Cordillerans are invited to join a poetry writing competition on tapuy, the rice wine of the region.

Participants may freely express their experiences and memories of drinking or making tapuy. It is open to all students, writers and literary enthusiasts who may send entries either in English or Ilocano.

Each contestant shall submit one original poem. Only unpublished works are eligible and have not been entered in another contest. Entries will be judged on originality and artistic quality as well as on how the poetry captures the essence of tapuy as it relates to the cultural heritage of the Cordillera.

Arturo Pacho, the author of three Philippine wine books and sponsor of the contest, hopes the event will foster more interest on tapuy for its cultural value and contribution to the economy and tourism in the region.

Cash prizes for the winning entries will be decided by a panel of three independent judges. Submit entries online to: [email protected].

The deadline of submission is on Dec. 10. – Sonja Pacho