September 25, 2023

Dear Manang,
My daughter has stopped talking to me or shall I say answering my questions. During breakfast, I ask her if she would like eggs or bacon and she would mumble and say she can do it herself. I ask her if she likes the jogging pants that I bought for her and she says she could buy three at the ukay for the price of the new one. I found out that she won a contest in the class and congratulated her but she said it was her fourth. I get annoyed with these things on a daily basis now. What do I do?
Caz of San Roque, Baguio City

Dear Caz,
She is a grown-up now and doesn’t want you to bother too much about the regular things so don’t worry about it. It seems like you haven’t been listening and she has resigned trying to make you listen. She must’ve told you that she needed jogging pants and asked you for money to buy one but you chose to go shopping for her and spent too much. She wanted to save you some. She must be conscious about weight and you want to overfeed her, let her be. Leave the boiled eggs on the table or the bacon and you’ll see that she will pick something up. Better to tell her to be safe and enjoy lunch when you hand her the lunch money. They are more sensible than we think.
Let up,

Dear Manang,
I want to file charges against a woman who we trusted to fix the papers for our lot in Irisan. She had been asking my husband and me for P20,000 and other amounts saying that payment had to be made for the person who prepared the inclusion in the public lands and for the other signatures. I went to the Register of Deeds to find out someone already had the title to it. How do I file the case?
Digna of Irisan, Baguio City

Dear Digna,
I don’t know the process of filing the case. I am sure you can get advice from the Public Attorney’s Office and learn how to go about it. My two cents worth has to do with doing things yourself. I often go through the details for transactions on my own. This way, I know the paperwork and how much it is. I know sometimes a fixer gets things done quickly but that isn’t guaranteed. Next time, just do it yourself.
Be patient,