December 5, 2023

From the silent majority and the senior citizens, we extend our profound appreciation and gratitude to all frontliners and health workers, likewise to the City of Baguio, national government and all supporters, anonymous donors or those working behind the scenes to feed our frontliners and supply their needs.
Our salute to the doctors and nurses, who sometimes can no longer go home to their families, the health workers of the hospitals, laboratory technicians, orderlies, ambulance drivers, janitors, security personnel, delivery personnel on motorcycles so we can enjoy our favorite food, the pharmacists and drugstore personnel, farmers and food providers, punong barangays and personnel, the military and police manning checkpoints and implementing government orders and directives, grocery workers, and entities open to provide basic necessities, the mayor and his tireless warrior staff, civic action groups, media personnel who update us with news, and the community for following the “Stay at home” directive.
And of course, to our beloved junior family members who do the chores for us, who go out walking to groceries, the market and drugstores. We can only compensate you with our deep appreciation and for fighting this battle for us. With an unseen enemy, team effort is indeed the name of the game.
Salute, Baguio! You are indeed remarkable. The recent statistics has proven that you are indeed worthy to be called home.
There are so many unsung heroes among us. Let me share a heartwarming story about Eden dela Cruz and Ursalina “George” Gilles who manage a small food stall at La Azotea called “Christmer’s.” With the quarantine and lockdown, they have temporarily lost their main source of livelihood, serving affordable lunch to office workers and students. With no earnings to boot, George and Eden celebrated George’s birthday by cooking for 100 and distributing these food packs to frontliners like security guards, indigents, gasoline workers, and police on duty at the outposts that they happen to pass by, some senior citizens, and some neighbors. They walked to deliver the food packs from their home and back. They said this was their way of sharing with our frontliners and also to let them know they care.
What a heartening story. It reminds me of a post that I saw on Facebook about sharing with your needy neighbors. That if you are feeling hungry, please don’t hesitate to call on your neighbors. Now is the time to share with the needy if you are experiencing more in life. So, cheers to you Eden and George.
Happy Easter everyone. God is in control. We must thank Him for our blessings and for taking care of Baguio through our officials and kind hearted donors.