March 24, 2023

Once I was 11 years old, my teacher told me, “Go share your talents and do what makes you happy.” Once I was 20 years old, another teacher told me, “You’re a living epistle, keep writing your stories.”
These were some of the few lines of encouragement I am living by until now. It may sound as a hyperbole, but these words kept echoing in my head every time I feel lost. Thus I would like to dedicate this message to all the teachers who taught me, because I guess it’s true, teachers have that magical ability to touch lives and make a difference.
More than the academic knowledge shared in class, it was the feeling inside the classroom that highlights in my memory whenever I am having flashbacks on my school days. I’d be hypocritical if I will say all of those experiences led to happy days. I must admit there were disappointments and frustrations, but thinking twice, they taught me about self-reliance and adaptability.
Since the month-long appreciation for teachers culminates on Oct. 5, I invite everyone to sing with me the endless gratitude for teachers who choose to be the foundation of learning and the primary promoters of responsible citizenship. We thank you for enlightening us about the right path we have to take. The motivations you have been saying may sound cliché, but they truly affected our life decisions, including the way we react on different occasions.
Hats off to you because despite knowing all the demands of the profession, you still have bravely chosen to carry the loads, hoping to be an effective advocate of the youth’s bright future. Those sleepless nights you have to get used to for lesson or school program preparations, and the voice of truth that echoed inside the classrooms will never be forgotten. These good works and progress you may observe around, you are a part of the cause, in one way or another.
During this time of crisis, the role of the teacher is being underscored more than ever. As much as these educators would like to teach skills to students personally, they are constrained by quarantine protocols. As a result, classes shifted online, and some parents start to feel the weight of the teaching process as they help their children to complete modules. Now, try to imagine a teacher handling 30 to 50 students, seven hours a day in a normal class setup.
Amidst the limitations, teachers still thrive to bring education at the heart of their students’ homes. Some are crafting the best module that will fit to the proposed skill, while some had to relearn technological advances that will make online learning more effective.
These noble professionals know the importance of education, and it shall never cease whatever may happen.
Online or physical classroom setup, a teacher will always be a teacher. She hopes for the best of her students, and she finds ways to render effective teaching. Once again, thank you to all of you. The definition of success will be incomplete without you.
Happy Teacher’s Day! — Kathleen K. Padsingan