September 27, 2023

ARE THEY TOO: changing, adjusting, coping, and realizing – that our times now are not like any we’ve experienced – or have gone through before?
LIKE FOR NOW, we’re in a used-to period: for the forthcoming Elections.
IF ASPIRANT AND Electorate are in the-same XY plane or axis, what are bound to happen? Your guess is as good as mine. But why can’t some people really get awareness of the need to ‘adjust’ or the like?
THE POSSIBLE REASONS: 1) They still don’t believe in the pandemic; 2) Their belief re the Pandemic is like ‘fluctuating’; and 3) They believe – they even fear it; but, they don’t manifest the fears; so we perceive otherwise. This is called in Cordi Iluko: agintutured. Now, of the first reason:
THE YET-UNBELIEVEING. In ‘these Heights’, ditoy Kabanbantayan, we call them daguidiay saan pay nga namati.
THEY’VE SEEN, THEY’VE heard, and have witnessed cases and victims of the dreaded virus; but they’ve also heard and have seen recoveries and survivors; reason enough for them to stay ‘in-the-middle’, i.e. to keep off from the Pandemic activities of: reading and/or listening to, appertaining statistics and updates, from strictly adhering to ‘Protocols’, even from vaccination itself. The second,
THEIR BELIEF ‘FLUCTUATING’ ones. In local parlance, daguitay agduadua. At some moments, they’re sold to the ideas of the experts and authorities – saying this or that about the virus; but
AT TIMES TOO, they’re ‘swayed’ by the counter-arguments and ‘new’ findings of equally competent sources and scientists – for example that there are some ‘inaccuracies’ about the ‘character’ specifics of old and ‘new’ variants; the vaccines ‘differ’ in administration viz., some only given once, others given first shot, and second shot; [then] the booster shots; that advocates themselves of current efforts to curb the virus have-not just once-admitted that there is ‘no 100 percent guarantee’, and so on. The third:
THE BELIEVING BUT non-manifesting. In Iluko-Cordi or Lowland, they call them: daguitay agintutured.
THEY’RE ALMOST – OR totally convinced of the presence of the virus. In fact, they have great worries and anxieties of it in their hearts and minds. But they don’t show it.
SOMETIMES OBSERVING THEM, you feel tickled or humoured: they resemble those in the old times of the historical c.2,000 years of the Roman Empire – like some of the Gentiles, they just ‘do as the Romans do’! Gaya-gaya they call these in Tagalog, n.l. even if with fears in their hearts, when they come to a place where everybody is acting just ‘normal’, they do the same. Look
IN SOME PLACES, outside Baguio City, people don’t wear face-masks – much less, face-shields. But coming up to Baguio, they bring out, even wear, those! And note further:
WHEN IN BAGUIO itself, when some folks remove their masks and depart from the ‘social-distancing’ protocols, the village people do the same. Of course, when back to the village and far from the city, those masks and shields get ‘discarded’. Why? Because: whether they have fear or ‘not’ of the virus, they’re more ‘convenient’ to show their ‘bravery’ – tured, than otherwise.
SOMETHING GOOD INGREDIENTED to this: as they do – what others do in – there, they also pray silently for the Lord’s Help, Guidance, and Mercy that: we’ll all be spared from the suffering. Ayuhh!