October 1, 2023

By the time this near sighted Ibaloy writer’s column is published, it would only be one or two days before our beloved country’s favorite “fiesta”, the national and local elections.
We are once again expected to fulfill our democratic right of suffrage and troop to the polls to cast our votes for those we believe are the best candidates who will lead our beloved country in the next three years or more to greater heights of development, peace, and prosperity if not for all, at least for most Filipinos. There’s the rub.
How have we done so far as a people in choosing our leaders? Since time immemorial up to the present, the Philippines is still considered as the “Sick Man (or Woman) of Asia” and continues to lag behind its neighbors in terms of economic and other indicators.
Until now, the leaders that we have voted into office, past and present, have not come out with solutions that will entice our country’s best and brightest to use their talents here instead of leaving for the proverbial greener pastures abroad.
Until now, the diaspora of our countrymen voting with their feet by going abroad continues in even greater numbers.
I’m quite sure that many more long-suffering Pinoys, if given the chance and opportunity, will do the same and leave our beautiful but benighted nation in a heartbeat together with their families if they only can.
We get the leaders we deserve, as the adage goes. Based on past elections, most (not all) of the leaders we have chosen have fallen short or even failed in leading our country to better times. Hopefully, we will be more discerning in choosing our leaders this time around.
Our choice of those who will lead us in the national and local level will, one way or another, affect our lives and that of our loved ones. Personally, I have lost hope in our beautiful country that continues to be ruled by greedy and power-hungry political dynasties. If given the opportunity to live abroad with my family, I would honestly take it in a heartbeat and leave this beautiful but accursed land behind. Again, I am sure that many of our countrymen feel the same way but are too shy, ashamed, or even afraid to say it. Peace.

FYI: In celebration of the Urban Farmers and Fisherfolks’ Month 2022, the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office set the following activities: May 15, 22, 29, Sunday Market Showcase at Session Road; May 11 and 12, competency enhancement training for farmer associations on agri-business planning and writing resolutions-Batch 2, CVAO; May 18 to 27, launching of the Baguio Coffee Brand and Rabbit Food Fest at Igorot Garden; May 20, 2022 culminating program-cum launching of farm tourism circuit and judging of the Edible Landscape Contest at Happy Hallow; May 30, awarding of winners of the Edible Landscaping Contest at City Hall Grounds; May 31, coffee tree planting and clean up drive at Wright Park; and May 31, tilapia fingerlings dispersal in barangays Happy Hallow, Camp 7, Lucnab, and Mines View. For inquiries, call CVAO at 443-5332.

Here’s “Unity” by Susan Coolidge: “If I were told that I must die to-morrow,/ That the next sun/ Which sinks should bear one past all fear and sorrow/ For any one,/ All the fight fought, all the short journey through:/ What should I do?/ I do not think that I should shrink or falter,/ But just go on,/ Doing my work, nor change, nor seek to alter/ Aught that is gone;/ But rise and move and love and smile and pray/ For one more day.”
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.