June 5, 2023

A fighter is someone engaged in military service, one who engages in the sport of fighting with the fists or a person who takes part in a dispute.
For me, a fighter is someone who is versatile, vulnerable, resilient and brave. Life is a battle or a game. Thus, we need to become fighters. We should fight to surpass trials and taste the fruit of our endeavors and efforts.
Cordillera pride three-star international boxing referee and judge Cildo D. Evasco is an epitome of an exemplar fighter. He is not only a fighter in the ring but also in other aspects of life.
In fact, his favorite motto “No pain, no gain” expresses his vitality, versatility, vulnerability, and bravery.
He became a fighter since his childhood days. He grew up in the remote village of Caliking, Atok, Benguet where he lived a simple life.
As a fighter, the adversities and inadequacies he experienced did not hinder him to dream, believe, and succeed. Poverty motivated him. He studied well. He was a responsible and active student leader particularly during high school.
He proved that a good leader does not require high economic status. The passion and initiative to serve are the basic elements to be a competent and an effective leader.
His eagerness to become a professional encouraged him to pursue college. His athletic ability made him a scholar at Saint Louis University. This greatly helped him reach his goal and ambition.
His battles as a fighter did not end when he graduated in college. He continued to struggle when he became a teacher in a public school. As a mentor in a populous high school, he exerted maximum tolerance and dedication.
To instill discipline to the students and maintain peace and order in their school, he took the responsibility as the commandant in the Citizen Army Training.
He also became a committed coach and trainer in school-based, district, division, regional and national sports competitions. This is a proof that he became a dynamic Mapeh teacher at Guisad Valley National High School.
His passion and expertise in boxing qualified him as a three-star international boxing referee and judge. He was so lucky to travel to foreign countries such as Kazakhstan, China, Russia, and Africa and served as a referee and judge.
Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer that caused his death.
A fighter will always be a fighter. He remained a courageous fighter in his battle with cancer. However, there will always be a final result and decision or judgment just like in a game.
He was defeated by a lingering illness but he is still a winner and great fighter. His legacy in sports and education will not be forgotten. He will always be remembered by the people whose lives were touched by his humility and kindness.
People like Cildo D. Evasco are worthy to be commended and recognized especially in our locality to serve as a role model of the youth.
His exceptional achievements are enough to inspire and make them believe and hope that an ordinary man can become an extraordinary person. He is proof that there are no impossible dreams if we will intensely believe, hope and strive harder for our success.
Goodbye for now manong Cildo. You fought a good fight that will serve as our guiding light. Rest in peace and until we meet again in God’s perfect time. (JENELYN J. AGAYO)