July 13, 2024

The first Christmas carol that was ever sung in the history of salvation is “Glory to God in the highest.”
It was a song that declared the fulfillment of God’s loving faithfulness through the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. It was a song that proclaimed the glory of God and loaded with joy to make ripples of joy around the manger.
The first choir ever in the history of salvation was the choirs of angels that sang the most beautiful song, “Glory to God in the highest.”
The first to hear the song aside from the Holy Family were the shepherds who were struck with awe, looked at the angels, and bowed to listen and glorify God.
Music was used by God to convey his message. It was used by the choirs of angels to spread the message of God.
Music is the most creative and interesting aspect of art that touches and molds the heart. It lifts the soul to reach the divine, leading to mystical experiences of Elizabeth and Zechariah, Mary, Simeon, and Anna. They sang their gratitude and praises to the Lord.
Music is an important element of life, culture, and faith. The first musicians ever mentioned in the history of salvation is the choirs of angels. They sang to announce the birth of Jesus, the glory of the Father, and to animate the people around the Holy Family.
Music must not be misused, abused, and not to be used to espouse evil. It is God’s creativity and it should serve its truest purpose – to glorify and praise God.
The story of Christmas mentions important figures who used music to declare the faithfulness, power, and goodness of God.
The story of Zechariah is a story of God’s power and faithfulness. Zechariah upon writing the name John, immediately opened his mouth, “his tongue freed, and he spoke the blessing of God.” (Luke 1: 57-66) He sang his joy but above all he spoke about the blessing of God. It was not more on the restoration of his speech but on the God who caused his healing.
The first Christmas carol announced the birth of Jesus. It was used to convey the message of God. It was used to declare the glory of God. It gave joy to the Holy Family and to the shepherds.
Christmas caroling therefore is foremost to bring joy to the families. Christmas caroling is not fund raising. We sing to give joy and if the people experience the message of the song and led to joy, they share their blessings; not as payment but act of gratitude.
Don’t drive away the children caroling at your doors. Children bring glad tidings with their songs. To drive them away from our homes is to drive away the blessings of God. Children are bearers of God’s blessings.
Amidst the freezing cold, fog, clouds, darkness, and muddy pathways of Simbang Gabi to the Basic Ecclesial Communities of Sagada, Mountain Province tunes and lyrics dawned in my soul to be written.
Reaching the chapels, songs were written and were taught to the people for the Simbang Gabi. The Christmas walk was indeed a walk of Christmas songs.
At least five of my original works were adopted by Mountain Province as their official songs namely “Drug-Free Song” for the Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council, “Come Home” for the ELCAC, “Let Peace” for the Mountain Province Peace and Order Council, and “Let the Children Come to Me” for the Provincial Council for the Protection of Children. I am thankful to the government for seeing the beauty of the songs and using them to advance peace in the province.
I thank God for making my priesthood more musical through the songs I easily write and memorize. In God’s time they will find their relevance to soothe the soul and animate life.
I thank all those who are supporting the Marcsongs Song Book project.
The song book contains my original compositions and selected religious and old country songs.
Covid advent and Covid Christmas became productive because it gave me ample time to write original songs. Some songs are favorites of the youth and music ministries in the church.