July 23, 2024

Over the last century and even before then, and now in the new millennium, prediction after prediction followed closely on each other’s heels, from Nostradamus to placard bearing bearded men, the latest of which was a warning that the world would end in 2020.
Only those wishing for it to happen bothered to listen, and soon were spreading word that doomsday was at hand, and called upon all to repent and sin no more.

Men of science naturally laughed at the predictions, saying there was no scientific basis to support such a preposterous claim.
Not wanting to be left out, the church announced that only the second coming of Christ was certain, and if that meant the end of the world as well, it at least also marks the beginning of a new and better world, since all evil will be punished while the just and the good will be rewarded.
Think about it, no more gun-carrying policemen, no more lying politicians, no more corrupt government officials, no more drug and jueteng lords, no more illegal loggers, and best of all, cockpits all over the land will be torn down, all casinos shut down, gamecocks, playing cards, and gamblers will be burned together at the stakes, but before them, those who prey on unhappy wives, all others who cheat on their spouses.
One wonders, will there be a Filipino left standing?

But if you look closely, it seems the predictions have come halfway through.
No more nightlife, no more gathering together, no more drinking sprees, no going home for the holidays.
But let’s not put the devil down. Satan is still at work, and in his own way, urging the hardheads to defy health protocols. Why miss out on the fun just because a man of doubtful character says so, even if he happens to be the Secretary of Health.

True, the world didn’t exactly fall apart at the seams nor did it explode into tiny little pieces just like Krypton, but the plague is upon mankind, with millions dying before their time.
They say, however, that the source of the virus is now Covid-free.
In one Nexflix serial filmed before 2020, the story revolved around a huge pharmaceutical company that first spread the virus and that only the villains had the antidote to it.
The idea of course wasn’t really to spread mayhem and death, but to make untold profits and eventually take over the world.
I wouldn’t put it past the Chinese to do something like that – all the money on Earth and world domination has long been a Chinese dream – the return of the old dynasties, which came to an end when the Western world invaded China will the same evil target in mind.
Quid pro quo, ganti-ganti lang.

Here, back home, we are prohibited to travel, to attend mass in mass, our vanity dampened because we should wear a mask at all times.
Before the Covid, anyone wearing a mask who dared enter a bank would have the whole police force, all sirens blaring, surrounding the bank.
Today, the bank security guard won’t let you enter without a mask covering your face.
And in groceries and supermarts, it is the people wearing masks who are being held up and not the other way round.

And the government has a rather bizarre way of getting rid of the vermin – shooting down judges, lawyers, doctors, and other professionals.
Maybe the tokhang didn’t scare us enough, so they have set their sights higher.
Wearing a barong, a suit, even a robe, or a stethoscope hanging around your neck, can be hazardous to your health.
Tyranny sets in when a nation is scared to death.

To serve and protect is the PNP motto.
Now when our PNP officer says to show more respect for the men in uniform, then he has his priorities all wrong.
The PNP at all times should respect civilian authority.
But still is another Marcos sin. He distorted the point of view of the military and police, truly and falsely, power comes out of the barrel of a gun.
No wonder every high school bully wants to become a policeman, every guy with a chip on his shoulder aches to enter the Academy.
No one should be admitted unless he first passes a psychiatric exam.
Hopeless, like all my high school and college courtships.
Whatever, a happy and blessed 2021 to one and all.
P.S. The year is off to a good start. Mr. Donald Trump is gone.