September 26, 2023

To some people, silence is hollowness. It is a symbol of emptiness and boredom. It is something that strips them of their worth. It is a thing that kills the vibrant aura of their spirited personality.
But to some people, silence is a treasure. It is a gem that they cherish. It is something golden. Thus, they appreciate its value. In reality, there are those who rarely meet it. When they are down, they search for it. When they need rest, they hunt for it. After long moments of labor, they yearn for it.
When silence speaks, it shouts. It even thunders. It strongly vibrates in the heart of a soul who is badly in need of it. It flies to penetrate across corners where noise is unwanted. Its merit is also reflected in Simon and Garfunkel’s song, “The Sound of Silence.”
I am an ardent fan of silence. Silence pushes me to be productive. It directs me to act on my priorities. It offers me energy in doing paper tasks. Without it, focus is distantly achieved. I consider it a good partner in doing some duties.
In the workplace, silence is a vital attribute I solicit from learners. During lesson inputs, I demand for their attention for through it, knowledge is absorbed. Speaking sessions have their own stint in the learners but not during discussion moments by the teacher.
Silence brings me detachment from trivial matters. At times, while bonding with peers become innate and entertaining, vital duties seem to be put aside. Without the will to manage oneself, much time is lost with rubbish talks.
Silence leads me to the realm of discovery. Through keen observations of the nature of things and how events take place, learning is enhanced. Indeed, I am one of those blessed with the gift of acuity. Being one of God’s masterpieces, I continually learn and desire to improve daily.
Silence brings me peace and contentment. It works to protect relationship. In times of disputes, it becomes the precise answer. It pacifies. It limits the flow of anger. It bars annoying words. Thus, it brings serenity. Jon Stewart once said, “If we amplify everything, then we hear nothing.”
Silence is like a thunder. It awakens me from sleep to remind me of something. It directs me to meditate on the words I formerly uttered. It leads me to ponder on the things I previously did. It prompts me to propose what needs to be done and undone. It steers me to the path of gradual transformation.
Silence is therapeutic. I cannot hear its whispers. I cannot hear its laughter, its cry nor scream but I can feel its healing wonders. It is the answer to noise-related stress. It is the answer to a laden mind and it is the answer to a recuperating condition.
Silence is part of healthy living. Without it, there is no great opportunity for learning and serving. If endless talks far exceed silence at all times, then many vital things will be left unlearned. Indeed, the sound of silence is audible.