July 22, 2024

“If there’s a will, there’s a way” is a common saying but very helpful in managing and surviving our present situation.
It is unfortunate that education also undergo dilemmas during this pandemic. The implementation of learning continuity operational plan brought trials, uncertainties, and anxieties to about 27 million learners, one million teachers and non-teaching staff, as well as the families of students.
However, Filipinos are indeed ideal for vitality, versatility, and resiliency. Mostly are optimistic. Amidst adversities and scarcities, they still manage to smile and see great opportunities.
“New normal” education is implemented through distance learning. Modular and online are the mostly used types of distance learning to deliver education to the learners.
The conduct of distance learning brought hitches to concerned individuals. School heads, head teachers, and teachers find difficulty in the release and retrieval of self-learning modules from students. In fact, teachers almost risk their lives just to distribute the modules to the learners.
This is attested by the research study conducted by Ysthr Rave Pe Dangle, et al. They revealed that 70 percent of students often submit their modules late and answer sheets are blank. The reason is difficulty in following instructions. They also added that teachers lack resources for reproduction and delivery of modules.
Higher authorities, school administrators, and teachers are commendable for their efforts to address issues and concerns on the distance learning. They will do everything to offer quality education for all. In fact, many innovations were launched to augment the needs of teachers and students.
For example, the “Salaknib tan Namnama” project of the Department of Education-Cordillera aims to help susceptible learners cope with distance learning.
There are also steered activities in every school for the success of distance learning. Some schools initiate partnership with government and private sectors for possible donations of needed materials. Other schools conduct raffles, concerts for a cause, and other fund-raising activities. Earnings will be used to purchase printers, copier machines, bond papers, and inks for modules reproduction.
As a school head, I ensure that education through distance learning will be meaningful and accessible to all our learners. I am thankful to the teachers for extending their patience, diligence, and resourcefulness. Thus, our students receive proper treatment and opportunities to learn despite all the challenges.
School year 2020-2021 is about to end. The determination and motivation of the educators and concerned people made education possible during this pandemic. Their unwavering efforts is important to produce more responsible and well-rounded citizens in our country.
It is fulfilling to soon witness elementary, senior high school, and college graduates including junior high school completers attend their virtual graduation and moving-up ceremony.
Let us all rejoice for a job well done. Our endeavors greatly help the youth in reaching their dreams and aspirations. (LEONARDO T. ZAMBRANO)