December 1, 2023

It is ironic that despite the repeated warnings posted by health experts that the only way to protect ourselves against Covid-19 is through vaccination, a substantial number of Filipinos still refuse to be vaccinated. They are wary and afraid the vaccine being administered may have side effects that are worse than the virus itself. The fear is rocked on three reasons – ignorance, stupidity, and selfishness.
There are so many false news being circulated on social media about the adverse effects of the anti-Covid vaccines like clotting, rise in blood pressure, anemia, nausea, aneurism and others of like import. Most of the time, these reports are blown out of proportion. Thus, there is no basis on relying on it.
The only reliable information regarding the efficacy and efficiency of the vaccines should come from experts. Their opinions are quite encouraging. They have concluded that the effect of the coronavirus is far deadlier than the side effect of being vaccinated. Besides, they assure us that before and after a vaccination is administered to a patient, all protective and preventive measures against any side effects are put in place.
To say that the vaccine may cause an ailment or may trigger an adverse reaction in one’s body is a selfish way of dealing with this pandemic. The vaccine is not merely intended to protect the person vaccinated but all other persons he may come in contact with. In other words, the responsibility of being vaccinated goes beyond our personal protection. It encompasses the protection of others, as well. Who knows, the vaccine may well serve to protect our neighbors, love ones, relatives, friends, and, to a general extent, the country.
Therefore, to allow oneself to be vaccinated is not only an act of self-preservation but an act of patriotism as well. It is a supreme sacrifice for the well-being of everybody. During this time when the government is scampering to achieve herd immunity so that we can resumé our normal lives, the least we can do is to cooperate.
Any person who refuses to be vaccinated is a traitor, a collaborator with the virus, much like those who were “maka-Hapon” during World War II. Maybe, we ought to call them “maka-virus.”
These Filipinos are cowards who care nothing more than the sanctuary of their safety.
Hence, it is only right that the President should issue a warning that those who do not want to be vaccinated should be charged and prosecuted in court. Well, this, of course is subject to debate since there is no law penalizing a resistance to the vaccination program of the country. Nevertheless, the point in this exercise is to compel all Filipinos to have themselves vaccinated, lest they contribute to the spread of the virus. If it has to take prosecution and litigation to accomplish this, so be it.
Some leaders of local government units, in their desperate effort to convince their constituents to have themselves vaccinated, offer prizes and raffle tickets. This is a good tack, though, it should be inculcated in the hearts and minds of everybody that to be vaccinated is a moral responsibility than a money making venture. We should be vaccinated because we need it not because we want it.