December 5, 2022

It would not come as a surprise to this near-sighted Ibaloy writer that in our materialistic society, many would opine that money is the most important thing there is and that datung truly “makes the world go round.”
Who can blame them? Without money, one cannot have the basic necessities of life like food, clothing, shelter, medicines, and medical care (unless these are offered for free).
Without precious cash, one won’t be able to afford a respectable school for himself, much less one’s children, hire a competent lawyer when one needs one, eat in good restaurants, travel even just domestically, and other activities that would make life worth living and not merely a drudgery of existence where one is only waiting to die and hoping for a better deal in the afterlife.
Others, usually those already with money, say that “time” is more important than material possessions since they explain that one can always earn back money when it is lost but never time. When time is gone, they point out, it is gone forever and you can never buy it back no matter how much wealth you have. Point taken.
Speaking of time, the planned opening of regular commercial flights from Baguio to Cebu and vice-versa in December will truly be a blessing for those who would not like to spend so many hours travelling from both destinations. For many busy people like those travelling for business, time is money.
I’m quite sure that this development would mean happy days for the Summer Capital’s and the Queen City of the South’s respective tourism industries. This would also mean more much-needed jobs for people and more income for the local government to be used (hopefully!) to improve social services that would benefit their constituents. Yeeehaaa!

As of Oct. 10, the General Services Office under Eugene Buyucan has picked3,133 used tires from different barangays in line with the city government’s ongoing efforts to eliminate dengue fever incidents in the city, according to City Health Officer Rowena Galpo during the regular management committee meeting of local officials.
Earlier, City Mayor Benjamin Magalong directed barangay officials to designate pick-up points for residents to deposit their discarded tires and to coordinate collection by the GSO.
Health authorities said used tires, along with uncovered drums, bottles, and plants like fortune plants and bromeliads, had been identified as common mosquito breeding sites.
Buyucan said the collected tires will be used in landscaping the Irisan eco-park, the plan for which integrates the use of environment-friendly materials in sloping and others.
He said excess tires can be used for other programs like livelihood ventures for women, youth, and other organizations being served by the City Social Welfare and Development Office under Liza Bulayungan.
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.

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