December 7, 2023

People from all over the world are sharing tips and some lessons learned on the secrets of fighting the coronavirus disease-2019.
Chris Cuomo shares that will and devotion are his secrets to fight this invisible enemy. “We must, at all costs, fight it. Breathe deep, drink plenty of water, stretch your forearms over your head. By all means, move – even if it is difficult and hard. It is your will to win over this virus that will help you.”
Some doctors at the Queen’s Hospital in the United Kingdom suggest taking five deep breaths and on the sixth breath, cough with covered mouth. Do this in two cycles.
My sister shared something spiritual, like “Things learned from Covid-19. In this time of restriction and isolation, we have a lot of time to reflect that God is everything and without Him, we are nothing.”
There are things beyond our control. The virus does not discriminate between the rich and the poor, the more educated and the less, the more powerful and the powerless. It’s time to do away with politics and just help. Stop criticizing and just do your share without fanfare. There should be no political colors.
Above all, we may belong to different races, but essentially beyond our skin color, we all have the same organs and same color of blood. Material things are nothing except as a basis to hoard. That to care for others is the most important thing that you can do at the moment. Some even sacrifice family and life. This time, the combat troops and battle gears have changed.
Above all, the virus has brought a reversal of roles. The younger generation is stepping up to Rizal’s battle cry, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” They now command the fort. They take care of their elders and senior citizens’ needs.
Instead of us telling them to take care, sleep early, drink your meds and vitamins, exercise, drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, they are now in command as we stay quarantined in our homes. There will be a spike in the youth becoming adults in this short span of time. Responsibility is stepping up.
I am brought back to another crisis, the 1990 killer earthquake. There are similarities in terms of what leadership can do for a smooth implementation of emergency measures. It takes a strong leader to keep things moving and for the population to tow the line. There was no social media then, only giant cellphones. Communication was harder.
Now, social media brings one everywhere. One gets news and photographs from around the globe. In terms of resources, relief goods were flown in from outside albeit there were times goods were changed from corned beef to sardines. Now, people help one another with their own produce.
During the earthquake, we were isolated because the roads were closed. Now, the lockdown is to prevent the spread of the virus and from people going in and out. During the earthquake, people were flown out of Baguio.
Now, people just stay at home. The search then was for the number of tourists and persons who were affected or dead. Now we are locating suspected and possible cases. The heroes then were the miners, now it’s the frontline workers. Gasoline was rationed then, now we have Panda delivery.
In both crises, we call on God and His protection. Yes, without God, we are nothing, God is everything.