July 23, 2024

James Clavell’s British drama film “To Sir, With Love” was released in 1967, based on E.R. Braithwaite’s 1959 book. It is concerned with racial and social concerns. It also discusses what it means to be a teacher and how educators influence students’ lives.
Mark Thackeray, a black guy, plays the main role in the film. He is an engineer who accepts a position as a teacher at North Quay Secondary School while seeking for something linked to his degree and talents. North Quay is regarded in London as a tough school because its kids are free to do anything they want, and they have antics and disruptive conduct that has caused their previous instructors to quit.Furthermore, this is mostly a white institution with a rigorous moral code governing the relationship between white and black students.
When Thackeray first arrived at the school, he was culturally shocked, as one might anticipate, because he wasn’t used to seeing the things this pupil was required to do. It took him a long time to win the respect of his pupils, but with his love for teaching, use of creative teaching techniques, and patience to understand the students, he ultimately gained respect, admiration, and began to form close relationships with his students.
To Sir, With Love is a film that revolves around two intertwined assumptions: race and social class standing. This film contains several incidents and depictions of prejudice. We can see that despite your degree and qualifications, you are unable to obtain work due to prejudice. However, if one attempts to take a stance in this conflict, everything else will fall into place. The filmmaker did an excellent job in emphasizing that race and socioeconomic status are not impediments to attaining equality. And it is natural abilities, not taught skills, that can contribute to students’ success. This movie was indeed inspiring and touching.
As a student, I realized how hard it is to be a teacher. They changed all the lives of the students who were once in the classroom. But more importantly, I learned that no matter how hard it is to teach students they still do everything just for the students to learn. And I can say that teachers are really important in our society, because they are the ones who create all professions. Without teachers, we wouldn’t be successful. Brad Henry once said, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” I agree 100 percent.
Teachers play an important role in one’s life from the time one is a child. Apart from parents, a kid sees a respected person in a teacher who teaches them excellent values, recognizes their good acts, and encourages them to achieve well. For a student, being appreciated by a teacher is so important that they begin to walk on the values and manners that the instructors teach them. Slowly but surely, these ideals become habits, shaping the kid into a good person and a good citizen.
As a young person grows older, he spends about eight to 10 hours a day in school, interacting with educators and mentors. As a result, they have a wide range of effects on students’ development. With the passage of time, instructors become role models for us students. Teachers chastise us, laugh with us, tell us great tales, and make us feel at ease. They rectify our mistakes and save us from making greater ones in the future. They are able to guide us since they are aware of our shortcomings and talents.
And with that, as we celebrate Teacher’s Day, I honor the army of dedicated teachers who devote their whole careers to helping students achieve at what they do, assisting each student in developing their professions and becoming responsible citizens. Happy Teachers’ Day,, teachers! Mabuhay po kayo. (ROMA MAE B. VELASQUEZ)