June 6, 2023

The completion of an agricultural tramline in Barangay Ekip, Bokod, Benguet is expected to enhance the productivity of local farmers and reduce travel time and costs of hauling.

Funded under the Philippine Rural Development Project, the construction of the Surek-Salat tramline was completed in March.

The farmers started using the tramline immediately after the declaration of the Luzon-wide quarantine, said Engr. Franklin Padon of the local government of Bokod.

Kagawad Marcos Bangsao, a beneficiary of the project, said farmers no longer have to walk on steep and muddy roads with their heavy load going to the nearest access road as the tramline have made transportation of agricultural products easier.

Bangsao said because of the easier transport of agricultural products, idle lands might soon be cultivated.

With a project cost of P4.75 million, the 360-meter tramline will benefit 109 farmers. It is expected to serve 21.48 hectares of agricultural land rea planted with rice and highland vegetables which are being brought and sold in markets within and outside Bokod.

Padon said a carriage fee will be collected from those who will be transporting their products through the tramline. Proceeds will be used for the labor of the operator, fuel, and maintenance of the tramline.

The Surek-Salat tramline is the second completed tramline subproject after the Wakal tramline that was constructed at Barangay Nawal also in Bokod and the eighth subproject turned over in Benguet. – Elvy S. Taquio