December 6, 2023

I guess the question to ask ourselves now is: What to do after the enhanced community quarantine? Aside from the usual wearing of the face mask, social or physical distancing, time scheduling, and washing of hands or personal hygiene, we need to look at the financial aspect.
According to financial planner Efren Cruz, we have to gradually look into the payment of taxes, payment of essential bills like water, electricity, phone and Internet, given the deadline extensions. We can also study loan payments and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) insurances.
For senior citizens like us, “the stay at home” policy remains, especially if we do not have anything essential to do outside. Konting tiis pa. Benjamin Franklin’s axiom, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is still applicable.
As I am writing this, I pray that Typhoon Ambo does not pass our way. But we are now nearing the typhoon season, better for us to be prepared as well.
As part of the cultural heritage workers, I am happy to announce that the National Commission for Culture and the Arts is providing financial assistance and the deadline of submission of application is May 24. We applaud this action of the NCCA to help the intangible workforce.
If interested, look into the NCCA’s Facebook: You can fill out the online application form and download the Declaration of First Time Recipient. Go to…/1FAIpQLSfPTbRhMJBXvQIjAV…/viewform.
“The purpose and coverage of the guidelines endorsed by Ar. Michael Manalo, commissioner and head of the Sub-commission on Cultural Heritage, recommended by Executive Director Al Ryan Alejandre, and approved by Chair Arsenio Lizaso shall govern the assistance program of the National Committees on Historical Research, Libraries, and Information Services and Museums under the Sub-commission on Cultural Heritage. They have chosen to continue the one-time grant of cash assistance with the maximum of P5,000 as per Board Resolution 2020-314.”
This is a one-time grant for displaced cultural heritage workers and those experiencing loss or decrease in income due to the ECQ as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. The guidelines include the qualifications and number of slots available.
We will all transition to the new normal. Businesses and industries are also gearing up, starting with the priority needs of people. Leisure will have to take a backseat. So our appeal to private sectors to help their employees: Be gentle and considerate and help them transition with this crisis.
Humanity and spirituality is at its peak. We must look on how we can give help, albeit a little.
Happy weekend and let’s welcome the GCQ.