December 1, 2023
  1. The Asian-made anti-Covid vaccine might not be enough reason why the U.S. is being blackmailed to distribute vaccines with high efficacy to save the VFA.
  2. A former long-time chief executive in CAR has been listed in the second batch of officials linked to corruption as collated by PACC and given to the President.
  3. A family member of this Cordillera lawmaker does not supervise the distribution of infrastructure projects worth millions to some favored out-of-town contractors.
  4. Concerned agencies are pursuing an internal investigation on why thousands of test kits were donated to a private firm, not to the LGUs conducting mass testing.
  5. Prioritizing the uniformed personnel, from salary hike to vaccination, is not meant to make them loyal followers to the powers that be and embrace partisan politics.
  6. The filing of a bill seeking to revive a giant television company does not mean the existing state-run and private media TV companies do not offer quality programs.
  7. The monstrous traffic in Baguio during the Yuletide holidays was not caused by the influx of tourists but by residents, who are tired of travel restrictions.
  8. This government executive might consider pursuing plans of applying for a private post if the current leader continues with his poor leadership and managerial skills.
  9. The disapproval by some LGU officials of the annual fund assistance for the DOJ office wasn’t motivated by personal reasons as claimed by concerned officials.
  10. Several individuals are not trying to deny that a known mentor was relieved from a top position due to alleged irregularities in the disbursements of huge PTA funds.
  11. Contact tracing in the localities remains effective even as reports said many contact tracers recently hired are not paid yet despite the risks they face in doing their jobs.
  12. A political figure has severed ties with a political group after some of the members reportedly condemned the former’s alleged involvement in several corruption issues.