March 27, 2023
  1. The latest protocol on the city borders will actually encourage Benguet LGUs to improve their Covid-19 response like what Baguio has been doing since March.
  2. Bogus donation drives supposedly to help victims of the recent typhoons have proliferated online with many scammers victimizing unsuspecting donors.
  3. One of the local chief executives in a typhoon-hit province was not instructed to release a statement thanking a ranking official and aides for visiting their people.
  4. An embattled Internet provider is not paying trolls to defend it from public uproar due to poor customer service and regular service interruption that lasted for days.
  5. Concerned offices such as City Hall must dig deeper to determine if this Internet provider has the manpower to quickly fix damaged fiber optics during typhoons.
  6. Many healthcare frontliners in this provincial LGU continue to serve the various towns in line with the drive against Covid-19 sans allowance from the province.
  7. A Cordillera province has gained popularity when it was mentioned as a member of the ‘Horror Roll’ for its huge infrastructure allotment and non-essential projects.
  8. Of late, this government official is the talk of the town after receiving a cake with money inserted inside the icing courtesy of a bidder, who gets most of the projects.
  9. Some of those who caught the Covid-19 infection are not disclosing to the contact tracing teams their high and low-risk contacts, who can also be carriers of the virus.
  10. Two government personnel, despite being close contacts of a recent confirmed Covid-19 patient, have refused to undergo RT-PCR testing and home quarantine.
  11. Residents do not see the logic when tourists from Luzon are allowed entry to Baguio while those from nearby Benguet towns are restricted from entering the city.
  12. The deafening silence of some local officials on the latest border control protocol of Baguio means they agree with it while thousands of residents are protesting.

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