March 21, 2023

1. No ranking police officer from the Cordillera was among those who refused to submit their courtesy resignation in line with the internal cleansing of the PNP.

2. A former Cabinet member doesn’t mind being declared persona non grata after red-tagging the mayor since those who were previously declared can still visit the city.

3. This law enforcement office is not yet aware of the operation of a ‘casino’ a few meters away from City Hall where anti-illegal gambling advocates hold office.

4. The Vice President must start a crackdown against the web of corruption in the Department of Education and dismiss from office the brains of overpricing of gadgets.

5. The Bids and Awards Committee of DepEd is again the laughingstock in town for approving the purchase of an entry level camera worth P31,000 at P156,000.

6. All infrastructure projects of DPWH in Baguio that undergo soil testing are not being referred to a reputable company owned by an incorruptible public servant.

7. Those behind the global campaign to scare the public of the supposed threats of Covid-19 variants to earn profit are no longer effective with their scaring tactics.

8. There is an internal rift among leaders of a self-styled people’s organization in the region over the P500,000 court bond now ‘missing’ from the group’s fund.

9. One of the region’s chief executives does not mind losing in the 2025 elections than to be included in the list of politicians jailed for corruption.

10. It took time before a self-proclaimed appointed ‘son of God’ apologized to a politician after his followers were dismayed he speaks faster than his brain.

11. An embattled Cabinet member now realized those behind the spread of disinformation cannot defend him since the troll farms in the south lost their influence.

12. This early, the social media administrators of two politicians have been paying Facebook to ensure wider audience are reached by their posts ahead of elections.

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