June 5, 2023

1. A government official does not mind not being visited in his office by a ranking PNP officer who will be transferred to a higher position as a form of promotion.

2. The wife of a third-term politician in the Cordillera is being groomed as next candidate for the former’s post and their potential rivals are not happy about it.

3. The administrator of the social media account of an LGU office is projecting himself as highly-intelligent person when he cannot even cover up his rackets.

4.  The gestures of political leaders in the localities following the death of a well-loved politician show that peaceful politics still reigns in Baguio and Benguet.

5. Unknown to their parents, countless young lasses do not mind dancing in their swimwear in two popular social media platforms to gain more followers and likes.

6. Reputable companies known for product quality have been issuing disclaimers and warning to the public against imitations widely circulated in the marketplace.

7. Concerned government agencies are overwhelmed they could no longer regulate the proliferation of raffles and solicitations in social media platforms sans permits.

8. A ranking politician and his attack dog in the sanggunian will make sure they will have hands in the ABC and SKF elections to ensure tyranny of numbers.

9. Three Cordillerans are aspiring to be the next regional PNP director which is most likely to take place in two months before the PNP chief retires in April.

10. An embattled Cabinet member from the highland facing plunder has no plans of  leaving the country while no hold departure order has been issued against him.

11. A support unit of the PNP has issued a memorandum restricting trainees from a low-cost energy drink following the death of a corporal who overconsumed it.

12. A self-styled social media influencer is known in the circle for maintaining an excellent writer who writes or edits personal posts to viciously attack people.

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